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  1. EAGLE455 says:

    strategy: (do in this order) get upgrades, get tanks, SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

  2. Awesome dude says:

    Rail gun is best. It defeats EVERY THING in one hit.

  3. ???!! says:

    Great game! It would be even better if it had a level editor like Tankz! does.

  4. THUNDER says:

    Tip: flamethrower can weaken enemies

  5. Nord says:

    I found the lvl 3 boss on the fourth lvl.

  6. Awesome dude says:

    I beat level one in exactly 0.03 seconds with rail gun. It’s a one hit destroy everything.

  7. me says:

    the worst weekness is themselfs the bomb tank is best fought with a bomb cannon and so on

  8. tee hee says:

    favorite gun is laser

  9. Warlord says:


  10. Dread Spudd says:

    Oh they will Awesome Kid.

  11. p.v.z says:

    i beat tanks 2 twice

  12. awsome kid says:

    tankz 2 is off the hook awesome. they should make a tankz 3

  13. GameJedi says:

    *Dreamy look in eyes* Oh, if only this game had a level editor like the first……

  14. GameJedi says:

    The Laser is the best weapon but it runs out of ammo really, really fast (if you just hold it down the whole match and blow everyone up like I do).

  15. spock$$$$$ says:

    its kind of sad that in tankz 2 you cant do level editor like in the original tankz

  16. tecton says:

    Well, the game is better than the 1st TANKS game,plus it has WAY more tanks than the 1st one,but this one seriously needs a level editor.

  17. awesome boy says:

    Tankz 2 is awesome.

  18. minecraft says:

    4 is a killer

  19. I Am Amazing says:

    I just completed level 15! I feel so accomplished!

  20. spock$$$$$ says:

    what i like about the tankz games is that it saves your progress, even when you close the page

  21. Zic says:

    This game is awsome!

  22. Bulldog says:

    The best game I have ever played by far.

  23. NYAN CAT BLASTAAA!!!!! says:

    tip: on the last level try to only face 1 enemy at a time (rockets work great!)

  24. Mr.Moneyman says:

    I beat Tankz Two!!!

  25. Captain America says:

    I agree, but Zombotron was my favorite. Until they got rid of it!!!!!!!!

  26. nobody says:

    I win both games.

  27. benjaminbb says:

    relly hard but fun

  28. SFG says:

    Beat it like only 100 times (more like 10)

  29. colebro says:

    best top games: 4. dredd speeds robot rebilloin

    3. dark dungeon
    2.tankz and finally… |

    1. TANKZ 2!

  30. BOBBY says:

    On level 8 how to beat it please

  31. TMNT says:


  32. colebro says:

    hey guys, i got 156,150 points and won the game!

  33. Jack Zip says:

    Strategy: Buy a good weapon. Stick to the old, upgraded one until you can fully upgrade the new one. Destroy everything.

  34. bomber says:

    so easy yet so hard

  35. benni the jet says:

    such a fun game. the railgun is SWEET. the mines are cool but not that good laser rocks i never use the rockets cause they are kinda cheap but fun rebound is useful but i dont use it that much maybe cause i have $400,000 fun game but i wish they had a level editor flamethrower is awesome and increase your armor fast

  36. quinn says:

    love it

  37. awesome says:

    my worst enemies in level 7

  38. Tankz Master says:

    Yah, but it’s more fun than the first game of Tankz.

  39. Tankz Master says:


  40. evil docter mur dude person says:

    i love this game but im stuck on level i cant remember

  41. popcorn says:


  42. Tankz Master says:

    A great game.Like chess, you have to choose your moves. In this case what to buy first and upgrade.

  43. Tankz Master says:

    Worst weapon of Tankz 2: Mines.

  44. Tankz Master says:

    Buy and then upgrade both Cannon and Rocket Tankz. Rocket is for sneak attacks on the side hidden, and cannon is when you go all on out for your life.

    • benni the jet says:

      totally agree but rockets are kinda cheap to me and i prefer laser to cannon

      • Captain America says:

        Rockets are best used when you are hiding behind something really far away and then you use the rockets to scout territory and do assassinations. The cannon is okay for going all out, but the laser, railgun, and flamethrower. The worst weapon is probably the shock.

  45. pro says:

    i finally complete it but i had to play it 5 times and it saved my progress 5 times

  46. Critick says:

    railgun stinks :(:(:(:(

    • Anonymous says:

      Railgun is awsome

    • benni the jet says:

      i personally really like the railgun but wish it was more rapid fire. but the fact that you can destroy like five tanks and a spawner at once is sweet. the turrents have tons of armor so they are kinda hard but the railgun turrents are the worst

  47. boyslife fan says:

    cool game a bit hard

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