Comments about “Tankz 2”

  1. THE ASH says:

    GOOD GAME beat it

  2. hgkauar says:

    I like the railgun

  3. cow eieio says:

    it loads so slow but its fun

  4. Tank2 says:

    ccooll I beat the game!!!@!

  5. 12345678loading says:

    richochet is great when there is a lot of explosive barrels(:

  6. RANGER14782 says:

    I found a bonus room

  7. awesome says:


  8. nerdigamer says:

    beat it. with 1000000 points!!!!!!

  9. backpaker says:

    the best level to get money on is level 6

  10. awesomeness for tankz2 says:

    got all the upgrades and totally beat the game

  11. Poop says:

    I think it is fun but ,how does it work on the ipad?

  12. lego2991 says:

    Tip try to buy the laser first

  13. Lightning says:

    i played tankz 1 but now they wont load

  14. Bridge says:

    Oops, I broke your tanks!

  15. Cool dude says:

    I beat it in about three years. I don’t know, but I may play the game over a second time.
    P.S. Nice comments, people.

  16. #1 gamer says:

    Decent game :)

  17. Dave the brave says:

    I have bought everything, and learned when, and how to use the guns at the right time and good. I love this game!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I love it

  19. joshchamp56 says:

    Best game ever

  20. flying llama says:

    the only part that is worse than tankz 1 is there is no level editor in tankz 2

  21. sport says:

    Pffff! I beat this game and its predecessor like, three times each. DOnt get the richoche. its a waste of money.

  22. qwerty says:

    I beat levels 1-7 with only the mini gun

  23. bossbro15 says:

    i love this game

  24. mrchompers says:

    this game rules!!!!

  25. Rallen says:

    I have call of duty 3 and you can drive a jeep and a tank!!!

  26. maxx says:


  27. catman236 says:

    I BEAT IT!!!

  28. Fishy!!!! says:

    I hate this game

  29. catman236 says:

    almost done beating it

  30. sayso says:

    I wish it would load faster,

  31. giga cannon says:

    i think this is a super good game fun and hard.

  32. ozzy says:


  33. I play Minecraft dudes says:

    How do u get to play on iPad?

  34. seahawk says:

    ive beaten it 5 times goin on six

  35. Eragon says:

    They should create a TANKS 3

  36. Running Beast says:

    I beat the WHOLE game wih mines,Rockets ,and railgun ONLY

  37. Tanker says:


  38. DanielPorras says:

    OH Yeah!!!! Beat all the levels in about 30 min. First max out the upgrades, fully upgrade the mini-gun. then buy the rail gun and upgrade that all the way(only fill up on ammo if you absolutely have to and don’t fill it all the way up unless you have a ton of money) Have fun!

    P.S. play the level you just beat a couple of times to save up money.

  39. wafflemoose says:

    When you play have a brother or sister at the key board ready to lay mines or switch guns. Plus, could you guys tell me some more awesome nicknames??!!!! Where do you get all the ideas????

  40. RunningIsLife says:

    Railgun is slow but good, rocket is the best

  41. hippie says:


  42. coolness885 says:


  43. Captain America says:

    I will answer any questions about strategy, weapons, or how to beat levels.

  44. mario says:

    it take so long to lode

  45. Lord says:

    Awsome!!! Game play it all the time

  46. thundershark16 says:

    Love the cannon!!!!!

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