Comments about “Balloon Shoot”

  1. bud says:

    705 I won!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    We need some upgrades ;-)

  3. Superboy says:

    Its Boring, go play pedro kicks back or tankz or, Better Yet, Pedro And the pearls of pearl. And to make this worse, The wolf dude dosent have a shirt.

  4. Bane 24 says:

    help me

  5. alexd10girl says:


  6. conr436556 says:

    Igot 995! I rule

  7. SHY GUY says:

    the back round music is relacsing

  8. That Old Guy says:

    1080 this time around.

  9. steve says:


  10. dsixl says:

    its realy easy.

  11. someguy says:

    yea well i got 1,015!! beat that

  12. ddd3 says:

    it’s okay.

  13. pro man says:

    1035!!!!!! It’s easy

  14. rex rules says:

    YA!!! this game is AWESOME!!

  15. The Rocket says:

    930 not bad

  16. Mr. Tony says:

    Sew Kewl

  17. beybladeguy774 says:

    i beat it 825

  18. beybladeguy774 says:

    i beat it 710!!!

  19. superman 23232 says:


  20. z boy says:


  21. wolfgang says:

    piece of cake! beet it in literally 15 minuets!

  22. wolfgang says:

    I don’t know why everyone thinks this is hard. I’m not even into videogames. I’m only 10 and I literally beat this game in 15 minuets

  23. starlyer says:

    cool beans !

  24. aegmac says:

    i got 830 beat that!

  25. MathTrickster says:


  26. eagle says:

    this game is meant for cubs I’m an eagle and this is hard

  27. scouter says:

    730 points

  28. pedrorocks75 says:

    So fun but it is SO HARD!

  29. BANNANAPEEL360 says:

    LEVEL 10 IS SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. hot says:

    beat game with 2000 points

  31. Bob says:

    Nice game, however the music doesn’t fit the game well. Its not very creative ;( And there are better games like it with the same concept. I think you guys should make more games with PeeWee :)

  32. Yeah Dude ! says:

    1030 Beat That ! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  33. beanwagon says:

    got it every time, study the angles

  34. murflefurter says:

    Easy to score zero if blindfolded!

  35. Froster says:

    1015 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. marcus2932 says:

    im good at aiming but bad at timing it

  37. gumball says:

    So hard

  38. Hama says:

    so haard

  39. class says:

    965!! got 5 ballons in 3 shots once (55 shots on the last level!!)

  40. shredderman says:


  41. ex2o02o0 says:


  42. human ghost says:

    Hard but fun.

  43. Wolf says:

    Hard,too many walls.

  44. greg says:

    this is not that hard. I got to level 6 (hard)

  45. soren says:

    AWESOME!(and hard)

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