Comments about “Pedro and the Lair of the Swamp King”

  1. Jc says:

    beat all of it even bonus

  2. Potato says:

    Hey Darkness that picture doesn’t count, hope that helps!

  3. NIK 7 says:

    i got 4350!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    (:2450 baby! Oh yaaa!:)

  5. NIK 7 says:

    to easy

  6. spd rainbow ranger says:

    i at 52 sec

  7. micah says:

    it is a very bad game.the people who made it should think of a different game.

  8. i say says:


  9. tykt says:

    this game rules

  10. peppers says:

    i got 5187 and i beat the bonus level

  11. money says:

    i think its fun

  12. Xl999 says:

    it’s ok

  13. pilow27 says:

    I got all the way past the bonus level!!!

  14. darkness says:

    so how do u win stuff ?
    i click on the picture and nothin
    do i have to pass the game or what ?
    anyone know ?

  15. destrer says:

    the best ever

  16. destrer says:

    It’s so frustrating I have bean looking for it and now I can’t play it

  17. thedude says:

    very close to frogger

  18. world's BEST son says:

    I don’t like it!

  19. squirt says:


  20. ,,,,,,, says:

    5087 AND I beat the bonus levil

  21. pedero says:

    to ozone

    when you see the swampking jump back using your back arom key.

  22. world's BEST son says:

    Not a good game.

  23. NIK 7 says:

    try level 3

  24. claw says:

    thebest game ever!

  25. chazerino says:

    its pretty much frogger

  26. batboy456 says:

    hard but little fun.

  27. hap says:

    wierd and hard

  28. NIK 7 says:

    any body beet a score of 2450

  29. darth vader says:

    HARD i never got past levle 1

  30. nik 2 says:

    I got 2295 score

  31. alienfighter says:


  32. P DIDDY says:

    Um well, I didnt like it

  33. Joe.h. says:

    It’s a pretty fun game

  34. bgvruvyr says:

    it’s leap frog!

  35. slicendice says:

    I got all the way past the bonus level!!! :P

  36. TJ says:

    for that contest for the HD camcorder, the picture thing is in the game, but you click on it and nothing happens…whats up with that?

  37. Mystery says:

    Even plastic wrap is more excitin’!

  38. joe says:

    so I beat level one and thought o.k that was pretty fun but then it say get ready for level two and I could not stand it.

  39. c-mac says:

    its ok|:

  40. The Rocket says:


  41. Dark says:

    Fun for a little while

  42. gilbert says:

    it was okay

  43. read652 says:

    its fun!

  44. Ozone says:

    I really love it a lot(even though i get knocked by the swamp King)!

  45. chowder says:

    it was so bad i got super mad…ohh,i i cept loseing .

  46. drt says:

    i agree w/ PS

  47. cheesepizza! says:

    My score was 4150, and the bonus levels are fun.

  48. Andyman555 says:

    Why shoulnt he just buy a milkshake is he bankrupt?

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