Comments about “Pedro and the Lair of the Swamp King”

  1. Matt says:

    I got up to level 10!
    It’s tooooo eeesssyyy!

  2. josith says:

    this is fun i got on the 3 level.

  3. beany says:

    i got up to level 3

  4. batty says:

    got past first level

  5. Joebob101 says:

    Wow! This is hard. It’s still fun though…

  6. shivabomb says:

    im asleep here

  7. killer croc says:

    froger with a twist

  8. koolman says:

    good game but hard

  9. zaners says:

    i like Pedro and the lair of the swamp King!!!!!!!!!

  10. bobby says:

    I…I,Got to Level Two And Then Got Deafeated!

  11. superbobifier92 says:


  12. bob101 says:


  13. koolman says:

    i got 2100 pts woot!

  14. Comic guru says:

    1400 points IS TOO EASY!

  15. calvin says:

    2100 too hard

  16. pedro lover says:

    this game is awsome!

  17. monky says:

    It is a fun game

  18. jgamer says:

    easy and awesome score:6050

  19. iceguy says:

    4350! EASY

  20. skier says:

    This is hard

  21. Purdue23 says:


  22. madison says:

    i am bad at this 350 score.

  23. legoman says:

    350! :)

  24. awsome kid says:

    This is awsome

  25. funny bunny says:

    how is it hard. It is the same thing over and over again.

  26. penguinguy says:

    Pedro’s going thru all that to get ingredients for an alfalfa milkshake!?. I think he likes alfalfa milkshakes too much.

  27. gus says:

    i cant get past lv. 2

  28. gus says:

    wicked awesome

  29. Flyin tiger says:

    2450 is my score

  30. noodle101 says:

    I just can’t get past level 2

  31. orangesz1999 says:

    that’s was easy

  32. charchar binks says:

    Thats was sooooo easy

  33. tobymac0 says:


  34. reio says:

    i cant even play it

  35. junglefurybullranger says:

    i got 5600!

  36. home g says:

    this gane is lame

  37. Camper99 says:

    My score was 1400 and i got 2 level 2!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  38. spd98ranger says:

    level 6!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. gyguy911 says:

    wow this game is addicting but really annoying

  40. Game Master says:

    This is Horrabile

  41. got game says:

    I thought the game was OK but it wasn’t the best game I’ve played.
    I beat the game and the bonus lvl

  42. fred says:

    i cant beat level 3

  43. NIK 7 says:

    LEVEL 5

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