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Pedro and the Lair of the Swamp King

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25 Comments on Pedro and the Lair of the Swamp King

  1. super easy but fun for like the first 2 lvls after that it gets a little pointless

  2. Its hard

  3. i tried it 3 times and i only got alfalfa flakes

  4. Fun but it gets harder at level 2.

  5. i luv this game
    its exactly like frogger

  6. I got a lousy 350

  7. this is cool

  8. awesomepokemontrainer7 // December 24, 2008 at 9:07 am // Reply

    cant get past level 4 🙂

  9. Finally!!!!! Level 2- 1,750

  10. cool, hard 2 get the hang of i kept getting 0!!!

  11. This is the most FUN game ever!:)

  12. i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!so cool.

  13. In answer to Dr. Dictionary’s question:

    You have to get to the bonus level for snacks.

  14. is there any cheats?

  15. score of 2100

  16. my faverit game

  17. I can’t get passed level1

  18. Dr. Dictonary // December 9, 2008 at 7:17 pm // Reply

    so hard! i cant find any snacks for bounus points

  19. this game is one of my favorites!!!

  20. High score of 27650. I won!!! YEAH DUDE! 🙂

  21. this game is way harder than it looks like. i only made it to level 2.

    high score:1400

  22. I think the game dosent like me i didnt get a score!!!!!

  23. This game is kinda hard!

    High score: 1060

  24. This game is WAY harder than it looks.

  25. I got to level 30! Am I good?

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