Comments about “Pedro and the Lair of the Swamp King”

  1. gungun says:

    harder level try to beat my score 112.

  2. big bro says:

    i’m the swamp king

  3. num num num says:

    It is a pretty good game.:) (i am a cubscout)

  4. lukey says:

    this is a asome game i wish i could play it all day long but i can’t becase i am in a study and i’m getting 40 $

  5. no108 says:


  6. pavegabe says:

    this is hard

  7. pavegabe says:

    this is awesome but hard

  8. spongey says:


  9. Stinky Pete says:

    This game rocks!
    Level 17 :)

  10. mega mario says:

    good luck luigi

  11. Girlscout42 says:

    i dont like it its too much like Frogger

  12. default13 says:

    im bored (lv.15)

  13. Chris 101 says:

    My highest score so far is 7900!

  14. alvin says:

    my score was 700

  15. Dan says:

    EASY GAME….. I got to level 16( 17,850 score)I could have gone farther butit got boring.

  16. ROCK KING says:


  17. a carrot says:


  18. Pedro says:

    I got up to the 12th level or something!
    I love my alfalfa milkshake!!!

  19. Bobberto says:

    Such a rip-off! This game is just Frogger!

  20. game critic says:

    very lame

  21. Indy23 says:

    Level 9 11550 Could have gone farther but it got boring

  22. wertyuiop says:

    i shall use my savage skills to deafeat him!(you know who.):(

  23. a carrot says:

    1750 eazy
    bren31 try to jump when you see a lot of of logs in front of you
    Level 2 is hard

  24. coolman says:

    level 5 4350 score

  25. coolman says:

    lvl 2 1400

  26. bren31 says:

    stuck on level 1. any tips.

  27. Led Zeppelin says:

    1020 Yeah! lvl 2!!

  28. default13 says:

    ya mario y 50/50?

  29. dny2001 says:

    Please don’t tease us Swamp King

  30. THE MAN says:

    1400 lvl 2

  31. default13 says:

    its cool

  32. T.rex says:

    lvl 3 :)

  33. Zachattack says:

    It is hard

  34. typho101 says:

    pedro and the lair of the swamp king is awesome

  35. Snakers says:

    Awesome! I played it forever!

  36. Anonymous says:


  37. squirtle says:

    finnaly past lvl 1

  38. The Swamp King says:

    Ha Ha! I’ll make sure you never win! Hee Hee Haa Haa!

  39. pgmovie says:

    1400 was my score!:)

  40. ghostrider says:

    Fun game like swamp king

  41. bro says:

    hate it boring

  42. i,m stuck says:


  43. cheese dued says:

    I like how the game was made mario

  44. Luigi says:

    So close to level 3.I fell in the swamp.

  45. jstkidbland says:

    huh i was defeated but boyscouts never give up

  46. qwt4ege says:


  47. Con says:

    it`s a cool game

  48. twister says:

    finaly got to level 2

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