Comments about “Pedro and the Lair of the Swamp King”

  1. yetiman says:

    its just froger with pedro

  2. Striker says:

    L-10 so hard 100,000,000 pt.

  3. percy says:

    wish i could play it every day.

  4. Cartoonist says:

    Its pretty cool, but boy its hard.

  5. Bowser says:

    This game is the BEST!!!!!!

  6. nann says:

    i like it!!!!!! but hate level 4!!!:)

  7. back at ya says:

    Level 8 – 7550 points

  8. back at ya says:

    L5 – 5000 points

  9. sweet awsomeness says:

    very cool!They aught to make Pedro in the lair of the swamp king somtime in the magazine cartoon!

  10. funny guy says:


  11. coolman says:

    got to level 18

  12. funny guy says:

    so do I Annoymous.

  13. funny guy says:

    I wish you could jump on the sea monsters

  14. jayhay says:

    i got 1050 and level 2!….where are the crocodiles on the instruction screen?

  15. Anonymous says:

    I hate level two

  16. grass man says:

    awsome!!! I got to level 3

  17. oreo2 says:

    makes you have to look

  18. funny guy says:

    I always go on this game

  19. BAZOOKA says:

    L3 1200POINTS

  20. bubers says:

    it gets harder…

  21. funny guy says:

    actually coolkid, it gets harder!

  22. BAZOOKA says:

    L2 GOT 2

  23. andrew says:

    It was cool

  24. Coolkid says:

    They shoud call the levels rounds because they don’t get harder.

  25. funny guy says:

    sheesh this game is awesome but it is hard!

  26. scout kid says:

    it is the wrost game ever

  27. Ann.E.Ruption says:

    Awesome!!!I love it!!!

  28. mad scout says:

    I’m jumping and landing on the log and It say’s I fall.

  29. vampire is here says:

    this game is so awsome

  30. Danish says:


  31. funny guy says:

    i got score 2450

  32. jj says:

    its so hard!!!!!!!!but it is the best game every

  33. Me says:

    hard!!!but fun!!!

  34. iop says:

    died on level 2 wondering why me

  35. Wheels says:

    So Fun and easy

  36. a girl is here says:

    this game is awsome ☻

  37. Joe Bob says:

    This game is hard. But I like it.

  38. Weirdo says:

    I got 1,050 points on this!

  39. Luigi Time! says:

    I got 2100 points!

  40. azalex2472 says:


  41. yay man says:

    its like a demented froger

  42. Boy yo says:

    Listen…to the music…

  43. joey says:

    i got 999 points 99(i am joseph cub scout)

  44. stinko says:


  45. five foot five guy says:

    what a day

  46. beybladegeek says:

    uhh fun i guess?

  47. baseball says:

    look at pedros face when he jumps

  48. cool says:

    I Like it.

  49. awsome kid says:

    I’ts pretty much easy. At first i’ts kind of hard,then it gets RELLY easy!In other words,I like it!

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