Comments about “Pedro and the Lair of the Swamp King”

  1. 15the top says:

    I made it to level 3 without dieing

    • not good at this game e says:

      Ihave no ideal how you completed this well Ihavn,t been playing it that long but I was wondering about somthing on this game do you just do the same thing over and over again p.s who ever sees this please answer pleaaase auuuugh.

      • chainsaw mann says:

        Yes just do the same thing over and over untill you get all the stuff

        I got 2450 on level 2!

  2. pedro says:

    it’s like frogger

  3. fireman says:

    how do you play

  4. element says:

    level 5 it is just like frogger

  5. kman says:

    It’s so funny to see him say:”why me?”

  6. G man says:

    level 5 yahoo!

  7. PEDRO THE IDIOT says:

    This game is so easy until you get to level 6!
    5400! Is there a level 23?

  8. girl says:

    I made it to level 3!

  9. shredder says:

    4850! beat that!

  10. HockaBoom says:


  11. Jonathan says:

    WOW! Fun but hard! Well I say its a 3!

  12. Connor says:

    I got 4600 and got halfway through level 4. Bonus level makes me hungry!

  13. weirdo says:


  14. Clemson fan says:

    4350 and I’m not lying!

  15. Super Smash Bros. says:

    Awesomest Game Ever!

  16. I Beet U says:

    54638298563857876, well maybe not that, BUT! I Got 5400 beat that

  17. cool guy says:

    Made it to Lev. 2 ;)

  18. Polygon says:

    It was funny when you fell into the water and Pedro says: “Why me?”

  19. pokescout says:

    like froggers revenge

  20. Carbison says:

    so close to beating level 1!

  21. AdventuresinOdysseyRocks says:

    2100…Level 3 is hard

  22. Weirdo says:

    1750 on lv. 2

  23. bl girl says:


  24. Champion of Unova and Sinnoh says:

    It is almost just like frogger and I have it for gameboy color(it’s an old game system).

  25. mickey says:

    it is like leap frog

  26. kid says:


  27. tiger heart says:


  28. Foo says:

    It is really fun and I have a lot of fun playing it:)

  29. sohi123 says:


  30. Nameless says:

    For some reason I cant play any games on this website. can you tell me why? Every time i click on a game it brings up a review!

  31. neeber lungen says:

    i like it. but i never really do get past that darn level three to that darn level fore.i’ll get to atleast level five some day.

  32. girl says:

    Love it!

  33. supaman says:

    see told ya

  34. supaman says:

    when pedro is deafeteat he sounds like a 3 year old

  35. PuGGlES ARe SiLLy says:

    very very hard i cant even get past level 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. IKilledkenny2468 says:

    When I was 8 I got to Level 13!!!

  37. booya21 says:

    i love how pedro seems to say”confine me” when he gets back on shore and “what a day…” when u get game over

  38. yugi says:

    It stinks so bad!!!

  39. np says:

    Requires patience, right?

  40. daws811 says:

    This is just Frogger with Pedro

  41. bowler119 says:

    Don’t fall in the nasty water. You’ll get dirty.

  42. guy who played the Pedro game says:

    it is a fun game.
    make a second one!

  43. A person says:

    it waz too easy cuz i got to the 23 level.

  44. weazle says:

    this is the best game of all time i would want a part 2

  45. VW says:

    Wow ! Harder than you think !

  46. bulletkid says:

    so close! yet, so far!

  47. toby says:

    seen better

  48. A.J says:

    I can almost get past the 1st level.

  49. sunshine says:

    really really really really really H……A……R……D!!!!!!!at levl 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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