Comments about “Pedro and the Lair of the Swamp King”

  1. D.F. Huff says:

    Awesome! I wonder who does Pedro’s voice in the game?

  2. Activity day girl! says:


  3. HIguy says:

    New high score! 3150!

  4. cb123 says:

    this game is hard but kinda fun

  5. SuperCat333 says:

    only 700 :( But still pretty fun :)

  6. awsomedude says:

    could not even get pass the first level!

  7. sonic says:

    just like frogger

  8. Rallen says:

    this game is so cheesy.

  9. Doofenshmirtz says:

    COOL!Harder than it lookz.

  10. bobbobbob says:

    got to level 2 first try super easy

  11. star wars fan says:

    this game rules !

  12. Billy Bob says:


  13. banana says:

    i hate this game

  14. Chairman552 says:

    This is fun!!!!!!!!!

  15. super z says:

    wow, look at that old comment of mine. memories ( ; frogger is still older though.

  16. Blaze Hunter XD says:

    A little hard ._. (weird swamp king .-.) :-)

  17. girl says:

    awesome game!its so easy

  18. axew says:

    hard but fun

  19. gromit says:

    2100 first try ;)

  20. gromit says:

    this game is awesome I think its at a medium level of hardness

  21. falloutdude says:

    I HATE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. beeyblade says:


  23. Hoejoe says:

    4350 First Try! after a few games I beat it its fun and easy. :) I like it

  24. star wars fan says:


  25. :) says:

    This is a super fun game!!!! It is harder that it looks!!!:) Have fun

  26. The True Warrior says:


  27. DARNTHISGAME says:

    I HATE THIS GAME!! I can’t even get past Level ONE.

  28. benny says:

    I love this game but it is too easey!!!!!!!!

  29. awesome cobra says:

    love this game! it is so easy!

  30. Dominic says:

    2450. Not as easy as I thought. It gets harder each level.

  31. star wars fan says:


  32. leomeaty says:

    This game stinks!

  33. Dofopig9000 says:


  34. Master video games says:

    It is an easy game, but very fun

  35. ZDARIUS says:

    Its a great game!

  36. Mastermind says:

    I have passed it a million times it is very easy.

  37. epic person says:

    no its not its classic

  38. ZDARIUS says:

    Its a great game.

  39. joecool89 says:

    its hard

  40. Rodriguez says:


  41. LOLguy3 says:

    this is easy… for level one

  42. :) says:

    i got 4250!

  43. super z says:

    actually, frogger was created before pedro and the lair of the swamp king.

  44. Sammy says:

    @ home playing game and it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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