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Pedro and the Lair of the Swamp King

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10 Comments on Pedro and the Lair of the Swamp King

  1. that game is weird

  2. its fun making pedro jump into the water

  3. I found a glitch. When I played, I could just power Pedro across and back across the swamp. Unless he looked back, he was OK. I made to level 25, but then the game got too laggy and I quit.

  4. pedrolover212 // November 8, 2008 at 11:55 am // Reply

    pedro just never stops being so wacky.p.s.this game is hard!

  5. watch star wars the clone was on friday

  6. Love it! Made it to level eight! :)

  7. its ok

  8. Hard but fun

  9. this games is xtremely hard


  10. this game is easy

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