Comments about “Rocket Racer”

  1. asdfghjklkjhgfdsdfgh says:

    i am on level 16!

  2. i say that says:

    this game is weird

  3. Ajax says:

    this game rocks,or booms

  4. baceballJOE says:


  5. ninja 64205 says:

    level 10 hahahahaha yo will never beat me

  6. gnvimubm,uy says:

    level 9

  7. jdfahsdfbwehj says:

    level 1 is so easy

  8. dui says:


  9. mario says:

    can’t get past level one

  10. fishinglover says:

    this is hard but addicting :o

  11. perry97 says:

    it’s so hard i can’t land.

  12. 1 says:

    I got to level 5:score=2496

  13. spongey says:

    real awesome after i got the hang of it

  14. boobooboy says:

    can’t get past level 1 :(

  15. gul234 says:

    cool game

  16. Final fantasy says:

    got 1348 points lvl 7. reply if you beat me.

  17. The Rocket says:

    level 6 score 3496

  18. txt dude says:

    3206 score level 6

  19. Nature Boy says:

    Chalenging but fun, mypersonal record level 5.

  20. a arrot says:

    1125 level 2 fun

  21. acarrot says:

    845. fun

  22. a carrot says:

    fun but hard

  23. lazerdude says:


  24. kyky4589 says:

    hard but fun FUN I TELL YOU FUN!!!!:)

  25. zipper06 says:

    I always crash.

  26. Skywalker says:

    BEST PC GAME EVER!!! I spent 1 hour playing it!

  27. bob sir says:

    i’m kirk

  28. billy the kid says:

    I getting the hang of it.

  29. PeanutBoy says:

    :) so fun!!! Always crash.


  30. Obi Wan Kenobi says:

    This game is awesome!!!!!!!!!11

  31. sonicboom says:

    try this : wave yoyr ship EFFECT:Heavy damage!!!!:)

  32. sonicboom says:

    COOL ^_^

  33. sonicboom says:

    I LOVE DIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!:) ;)

  34. packattack24 says:


  35. keviy says:

    it’s to hard.

  36. zilwfh says:

    HARD but fun

  37. 1237894560 says:

    Very hard

  38. cab says:

    i love to play rocket racer

  39. cab says:

    my class likes to play rocket racer very much

  40. cool dude says:


  41. mike9 says:

    i can never get past level 3

  42. me909 says:

    lv 7 gravity 3

  43. MR Boy scout says:

    How do you land?

  44. jj says:

    its fun to crash

  45. FlyingNinza says:

    wats fun is just fly along the top, and when u run out of fuel, than u fall down and die

  46. me says:

    lvl 9 grav 3 score 5389

  47. me says:

    if u land on hq at end of lvl u do not have t use jets and u wont b hurt

  48. me says:

    level 7 gravity 3 points 4196

  49. LEADER OF FIVE101 says:

    I always crash and lose. :-)

  50. sonicboom says:

    try going left and drop. your damage will be critical

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