Comments about “Rocket Racer”

  1. darth vader says:

    i like to useup all my fuel!!!!!!!!!

  2. TIE MAN says:


  3. awsome says:

    i like it

  4. I dont know says:

    2616, level 5

  5. Big S says:

    I love the game.

  6. winner says:

    i crash 5 times before toteling my ship

  7. JP says:

    it is ok

  8. dj says:

    ahhhhhhh! ran out of gas

  9. aceplayer says:

    i made it to level 7 its super hard gravity is like 3.5 or something. you fall to quickly to use thrusters

  10. rock says:

    fun to run into buildings and total it

  11. turret man says:

    i like flying around then running into cliffs

  12. ni890 says:

    im on level 50

  13. the terrier says:

    its so fun crashing

  14. A.J says:

    2508 best score

  15. mania says:

    extreme hard but real fun to total the rocket

  16. commando says:

    i love to crash :]

  17. A.J says:

    Only got to level 4

  18. clonetrooper says:

    this is fun when you crash

  19. A.J says:

    I just want to play it all day long.

  20. 1 says:

    Score:2,750.Level 5.

  21. Peto says:

    i am soooooooo bad at this!

  22. 1 says:

    Level 3, 1704 points.(Not my best score.)

  23. dan says:


  24. Hurricane1973 says:

    Score 3,828 on level 7

  25. luckyluke40 says:

    i love crashing

  26. Hurricane1973 says:

    I got to level 4 2,821 points

  27. luckyluke40 says:

    i really like it

  28. wolfscout338 says:

    its hard to land

  29. scrumple64 says:

    how do u land the rocket???????? it doesnt work i always crash

  30. Lionblaze says:

    2054 Level 4

  31. Lionblaze says:

    Be careful when taking off

  32. 1 says:

    I got to Level 4, score=2122

  33. ninja says:

    So easy to play but hard to land

  34. nyyanks00 says:

    on a scale of 1-10 1 the easiest 10 the hardest I would give it a 7

  35. lafytafy says:

    super hard to land

  36. Coolkid says:

    Better then last time!!!!

  37. train123 says:

    8125 do not copy me

  38. train123 says:

    he don’t copy me

  39. 8125 says:

    i like to crash while useing fuel.

  40. train123 says:

    i like runing out of gas

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  42. halo reach dude says:

    it is awesome

  43. halo reach dude says:

    this game is hard, but I still play it to challenge myself. But it is fun.

  44. nyyanks00 says:

    this game is awsome

  45. thomasdude says:

    acually i admid it it is really awesome!

  46. thomasdude says:

    this is so so so so hard i hate it!

  47. werewolves are awesome says:

    this game is traumetizing

  48. werewolves are awesome says:

    it is hard and evil, buster tank 3

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