Comments about “Rocket Racer”

  1. doglover37 says:

    It is Horrible and imposible. I cant even land without damaging my ship. 0 out of 5 stars.

  2. cool guy says:

    hate it

  3. potty says:

    worst game ever!

  4. Karate says:

    hm hm hard but cool

  5. dude says:

    I love flying up high, losing all my fuel and then slamming into the HQ.

  6. AwesomeMan100 says:

    This is cool. I mainly like crashing into things.

  7. turkey says:

    level 5, 2,704

  8. awesome27 says:

    I crashed into the sattelite dish.

  9. jonmanjoe says:

    I like it. I like the challenge and i don’t no.I just like it.
    It’s kinda fun.

  10. jjjjjjj says:

    terrible game :(

  11. Scott says:

    Cool game

  12. cooldude125 says:

    this is to hard i cant get pasted the first level:(

  13. 100acrewood says:

    This is a great game for scouts of all ages! I love the challenge.

  14. big boom says:

    i like to blow things up

  15. Geek101 says:

    I dont even know how you land the silly ship.

  16. Puffle lover123 says:

    My guy nearly died !

  17. Puffle lover123 says:

    The story of my exiting flight,
    I had critical damage and I was low on fuel! I had to get out, so I hopped .I had a dozen puffles on board so they jumped to. They hung on to me as I activated my parachute. And we sailed down to the ground.And we watched our ship explode. Lucky we were’nt in there!

  18. kman says:

    I crashed like,100,000 times, HOW DO I WIN ON THIS CRAZY GAME?!

  19. is an idiot says:


  20. RAYAN24557 says:


  21. hedley1243 says:

    6,159 beat that!!!!! :)

  22. Snake lover says:


  23. coolscout says:


  24. toxicwaste says:

    fun but hard

  25. cooleel59 says:

    i love crashing the ship

  26. pedroboy1 says:

    way too hard!!!!!!

  27. Life Scout but not for life says:

    Level Seven, Gravity 3 (<- :-C), when I am not serious I LOVE wasting all of my fuel flying high and then crashing!

  28. top99 says:

    this game is awsomely cool.

  29. Gimli son of Gloin says:

    that’s fun and so is flying until you run out of fuel and crash land.

  30. cow boy says:

    its hard

  31. yoshi fan says:

    the games are asomme but some are hard i want to try them all

  32. Aragorn son of Arathorn says:

    I love this game. It is easy yet challenging at the same time. I love taking out the buildings through Kamikaze!

  33. Fronkolator says:

    I made it to level 4 and then I crashed landed! But the game is super fun

  34. space master says:

    I love to wait til Ialmost hit the ground to fire my rocket.its like bungee jumping

  35. gul234 says:

    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. luckyman555 says:

    when i crashed i was in lol

  37. lolmannn says:

    5001 ha

  38. Ace-Base says:

    5,000.Someone top that

  39. matt says:

    tough but fun

  40. BJ says:

    4991! Tough.

  41. the Chosen One says:


  42. johnathan says:

    hard game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. awesome27 says:

    Crash into the building and your spaceship gets destroyed.It’s hilarious.

  44. fart122 says:


  45. Ace_MGA says:

    Pretty cool…

  46. RVCOWBOY says:

    its ok

  47. HITMAN says:


  48. GUL2345 says:

    this game is sooo cool!

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