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  1. i crashed on the hq satlite.

  2. Anyone know what level you win at? I finally crashed on level 33 with 18,326 points but it just seems to keep going. can you win at this game or does it just keep going and going?

  3. hard. bad. cheap.

  4. drummer, why do you post these lists? i dont really get the point of them

  5. 438skatomatic // December 15, 2007 at 1:53 pm // Reply

    MI SCORE 2676

  6. I always get the first supply stop, and crash at the second one. This game is so hard!!!!!!

  7. Hard )-:

  8. I’m quitting the list. Someone else can do it.

  9. exactly drummer. i like playing the games on here

  10. HARD!!!but fun at the same time!!!not realy.

  11. rockdrummer: Wow . . . that’s a bit of a shocker. . . It’s not that I don’t think girls are cool. I do. I also think you’re a good friend. . . well, as good as friends can be over a comment page. I also think it’s cool that you’re a drummer. I don’t know too many girls that are. I looked up that comment. I realize now that I came across very rude. I just don’t see a reason why girls would WANT to go on BL. Is it because you actually find it interesting? Most girls HATE this stuff. I guess I can’t categorize you under most girls. However, I do think it’s annoying and dumb when girls post comments saying, “Ha Ha I’m a girl! I’m just coming on BL to annoy all the guys!” But. . . if you actually like BL because you like it, then go ahead.

  12. DONT KNOW how to land? 😦

  13. drummer in snowboard slalom comment 141 (i think it was) u said u didnt like girls being allowed on here. WHAT DO U HAVE AGAINST GIRLS!!? I HAPPEN TO THINK THEY ARE REALLY COOL. ANYWAY, WOULD U STOP BEING MY FRIEND IF I TOLD U I WAS A GIRL? CAUSE I AM!!!!!!!!

  14. drummer i was reading through the previous posts and i noticed that powershooter seemed like a pretty cool guy. what happened to him? why does he never post anymore?

  15. red halo i do the list for your info drummer was giving me suggestions on it.


  17. 7574!!!

  18. hey this game does need a high score list on the comment list I agree with drummer rock on drummer you rock dude oh im really ben10 from other comment boards just look for my name on cub scout skateboarding

  19. wilderness commando // November 23, 2007 at 12:56 pm // Reply

    for: generall

    If things dont go smoothly, dont stay down, try again.

  20. I STINK! I CAN’T BEAT THIS! :mrred:

  21. wasup drummer! u were a great inspiration 2 me! by the way, thanks 4 the suggestions! i’ll c what i can do!

  22. Another good addition to the list would be a list of who had the highest score of all time. This can be a bit confusing, so I’ll give you an example. The following people hypothetically got the following scores:

    a: 100

    b: 27

    c: 2800

    d: 3500

    e: 2900

    f: 3450

    g: 3700

    The list of people who have had the highest score would be:

    a: 100

    c: 2800

    d: 3500

    g: 3700

    Get it? I hope so because that would make a good addition to the list. However, you don’t have to listen to me! It’s your list! If you like my suggestions, do them. If you don’t, then don’t.

  23. 4629

  24. Rockdrummer: Hey! Long time no see! I’m glad I inspired you to do the high score list on another game! BTW, I decided to retire as the scorekeeper on Snowboard Slalom. Hobbesfan does it now. On this game, I got 6331. I used to be really good at this game, but I haven’t played it in a while.

    PS If you haven’t already, I’d go back to the beginning of the comment page and make sure that no one’s ever posted a score higher than the ones you have on your list–to ensure that your list is of the highest scores EVER and not just of the highest scores since YOU started making the list. I know it takes a while, but if you do a page every hour, you should have it done within a few days. 🙂

  25. how do you when win when there is only limited time and no finish line?

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