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  1. blah blah says:

    needs a freeplay mode with unlinited fuel and no goal

  2. Joebob says:

    i just spun til i crashed =>

  3. MO MO says:

    Hard! Way hard!

  4. Anonymous says:

    i made it to level ten

  5. boby joey says:

    that was boss!!!!!!!

  6. Ethan the hegdehog says:

    half hard half easy!

  7. flash back says:

    3040 twelve times straight

  8. cool says:

    Darn it!!! I wanted to brak the antina onHEADQARTERS!

  9. Anonymous says:

    how do you play

  10. like a boss says:

    i like to just fly around

  11. super says:

    I landed, finily

  12. thomasfan231 says:

    it is hard to land the ship and you can damage it

  13. cars2 brainiack says:

    hey this game is fun but hard

  14. coolguy says:

    I could not get past level 1!

  15. rock man says:


  16. rock man says:

    fun :)

  17. 123 says:

    how do you do that? please tell me.

  18. Wackodude says:

    3258. Fun, until level 6. Then infuriating.

  19. ultrasonic 2000 says:

    How do you land?!?:c

  20. 29462 says:

    i beat mouse trap a long time ago

  21. millenium falcon says:

    awsome {:

  22. nascarfrk says:

    I made it to Level 7 and Igot 7,000 points

  23. v says:

    im pretty shure it stops at lvl 20

  24. turkey says:

    level 6
    3,482 points

  25. turkey says:

    level 5

  26. Anonymous says:

    i made it to level nine

  27. Rocket Racer says:

    level 3 1342

  28. chimp122 says:


  29. epic dude says:

    i wish the throttle was not so touchy

  30. Lugh says:


  31. capes says:

    I do not understand the game

  32. capes says:

    this game is so cool

  33. C.P says:

    Has anyone ever gotten past lvl 7 or beaten mouse trap? please leave an awnser!
    P.S I have gotten to lvl 13! (it has 7 gravity!!!!!!)

  34. Sonic the Hedgehog says:


  35. I love cars says:

    don’t like this game way to hard!

  36. pedro says:

    can’t even get past level 1!!!

  37. dj says:

    this is awesome

  38. dj says:

    i cant even land the thing

  39. bob says:

    this is impossible i can not even land

  40. coolman103 says:

    i just fly around. ladies and gentleman this is your captain speaking….

  41. 111 says:

    iv goton on level 6

  42. leman says:

    hardest game on boy’s life website ;(

  43. hotshot heatstorm says:

    level three is impossible.
    believe me
    ive tried it

  44. HITMAN says:

    sooo easy

  45. HITMAN says:

    SOOOO easy

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