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  1. Yes, Yes, Yes, I beat my personal record! I got to level 18! No, I’m not lying. No, this is not a typo! Level 18!!! Score: 10,074!!! Comment: Hard, but easy when you’re on a roll. (No pun intended.) Advice: Use my landing technique. (Comments 139 &183) Also, when you’re landing, don’t always trust that your rocket will bounce into the upright position. This is how you start bouncing and getting damage.

  2. Man! I got to level 11 again, but I ran out of fuel!

  3. It isnt all that.

  4. winner222222222222222222222222 // May 18, 2007 at 7:18 pm // Reply

    i got to lvl. 26,,,,, very hard

  5. I’m getting better at this game!

  6. Really cool game, but it is hard to land!

  7. Could you make a game like this, exept with a Jumbo Jet and a landing gear control?

  8. Remember that comment I posted about the zooming (comment 139)? I realized that it doesn’t just zoom into the vertical center of the screen. It zooms in to the place where you right-clicked! This means that you can make it zoom in to wherever you want! Just do it fast because you can’t control the rocket once you right-click it.

  9. Too Hard to control

  10. Hi Ceolophysis! How are you doing?

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