Comments about “Super Beanbag Toss”

  1. cloe says:

    this game is too hard! i dont like it!!!!!

  2. E man says:

    Three words:[mabye 4]



    [lol omgosh]

  3. Matt54321 says:

    I only gone to level 2 too!

  4. imagirlreally!!!!! says:

    this is so hard! D:

  5. pedroboy1 says:

    i give it 9 thums down

  6. epicloser says:


  7. kiki says:

    i cant even get past level one

  8. AdventuresinOdysseyRocks says:


  9. Agent J says:

    I don’t get it level 2 is 1000 points to win :( .

  10. Geek101 says:

    I only got to level 2 though it is fun

  11. Ben10 says:

    I got 3,200

  12. da beast says:

    I am a boyscout and I lost GAME OVER SUPER HARD!
    It Stinks
    I don’t like this game I HATE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Beatles Rock says:

    I can’t get past level 4

  14. guy says:

    I got to level 5

  15. weirdo says:

    this is really HARD!! i got the first level but level 2 is pretty tough. this is lame and hard.

  16. Captain Jack Sparrow says:

    It Stinks

  17. ash says:

    I don’t like this game I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 123456789 says:

    score 2000

  19. yucvin says:

    level 2!!!!!!!! but really fun:)

  20. Mr.laugh says:

    i got 725 points and i needed 275 and it tolt me that i did not have eenuf.

  21. not sure says:

    2,000,000 …….just kidding 1654

  22. HITMAN says:

    I CANT GET 1000

  23. N.J. says:

    just 1650; level 2 come on!!!

  24. jaro121 says:


  25. gaber says:


  26. gaber says:

    1125 points

  27. abculotta says:


  28. bluebaer says:

    so cool

  29. Pokemon says:

    5200, this is HARD

  30. websters2 says:


  31. Awesomness says:

    I got 2850 I needed 450 on level 3.

  32. jc says:

    I got 1500 needed 650 on level two.

  33. jc says:

    I beat the first level… come on!!! Can’t i beat the second level?

  34. 1 says:

    I got 1,925.Level 2.

  35. DINOMANIAdude2001 says:

    got 3175

  36. guitarstar99 says:


  37. gfg says:

    I am a boyscout and I lost GAMEOVER SUPER HARD

  38. REECE-ROO says:


  39. Rabble Rouser says:

    Level 4-200 more points-score 4900

  40. ponage says:

    Level 6!!!!!!!! in your face. What now?

  41. CRAZY DOG says:

    Not much fun I keep on losing on the 2nd stage

  42. AWESOME MAN says:

    this game is hard on level 2@3

  43. five foot five guy says:


  44. Ev2 says:

    i got 2900 needed 400 on level 3

  45. wow says: says:

    to hard to score on level 2@3 boo

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