Comments about “Fire Stopper”

  1. comm.rex says:

    It was great!

  2. dfgfdfsdg says:

    i made it to lvl 10 too easy

  3. fishinglover says:

    its a little bit hard to judge the power needed and i already got bored of it on the 4th level :|

  4. Bud says:

    level 7 but the the last fire i did was wayyyyy… to far away that i couldn’t reach it althogh it is a very good game… but it kinda made me feel quesy just because of the fire part. :mrgreen:

  5. superchar14 says:

    it’s fun, but you need a fast computer. Mine sometimes freezes, BUT NOT THE TIMER!!!

  6. strax says:

    level 39

  7. neko says:

    I made it to level 10

  8. lhb says:

    got to level 8

    first time

  9. Happy scout says:

    That was fun only if we could throw them at girl scouts :}

  10. smart boy says:


  11. ghostfreak400 says:

    this game is lame

  12. CC-4540 says:


  13. rayging says:

    level 30. TOP THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. jkfjldk says:

    leavel 9 first try beat that

  15. smack says:

    level 6 first try

  16. ninjaguy13 says:


  17. ToTo says:

    yeah level seven FIRST time ever1

  18. justin says:

    i beat this game in one hour my first try

  19. Muscle Man says:

    I made it to Level 9.

  20. bob says:

    i just dont like it it wont let me play

  21. big time rush says:


  22. TWAIR says:

    I’m bad at this… only level 4!!!!!!!!!! UGH

  23. Your Mom says:

    Its pretty fun. Level Seven!

  24. funnyman says:

    me too 7

  25. Obi Wan says:


  26. Midoc says:

    level 29 :)

  27. 2-0=blake says:

    i got to level 7, and scored 280

  28. dj dog says:

    made it to level 10 on my frist time and i hit the last fire on 1 seconds left and it did not count it dang

  29. alane says:

    radicly awsome asowme

  30. SHELDON says:

    sweet!!! i loved it

  31. 0hero40 says:

    ilove it

  32. Mrs. Ping Wink! says:

    I got to levle 7 on my frist time.

  33. dev says:

    i made it to level 5 on my first time

  34. cyclops says:

    level 10

  35. weter says:

    thanks! . to lv7er

  36. cooler than you says:

    level 8!

  37. bad says:

    10 LEVEL

  38. ben kenobi says:

    made it to level 2

  39. ben kenobi says:

    this is easy

  40. ben kenobi says:

    can i have a copy of this magizine

  41. Artic cat says:

    I made it to level 9 my first time.I beat you aa.

  42. the wolf says:

    I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. kkbug says:

    i could only get 2 levl 2 and i did not like it

  44. jetty says:

    its so cool

  45. anonymous says:


  46. spl442 says:

    i got to the end of lvl 7 it is impossible to get the ballon really far away

  47. aa says:

    I made it to level seven first time!

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