Comments about “Fire Stopper”

  1. me says:

    i got up 2 lv 6

  2. food 101 says:

    level 900,000,000,000 to tell you the truth I’m not even sure that’s a real number.

  3. ang says:

    I got to level 7!

  4. Broncoboy#2 says:

    HAHA i got 7 beat that i am on FIRE!!!!

  5. Jaweth12 says:

    Well, I got 476!

  6. Ace says:

    I got 317 i love this

  7. Tenderfoot says:


  8. !@#$%^&*() says:

    We should set a fire.

  9. says:


  10. tomtom says:

    i dont like it

  11. cool says:

    stops at 7

  12. pie guy says:

    i’m awesome

  13. im awesome says:

    so close!

  14. jake says:

    471 BEAT THAT WAI?1523

  15. wai?1523 says:

    398! almost there! fun game

  16. cool guy says:

    844! booyah!

  17. gerbercombat says:

    1786 lolz

  18. gerberevo says:

    1768 ha

  19. Walt 65 says:

    1624 beat that haha in your faces

  20. EJR says:

    1573! Beat that!

  21. lollollollypop says:

    859 beat that jk but really beat that:)

  22. sport says:


  23. Tornadoman says:

    421! Very fun game

  24. Hanstarkiller says:

    711! Beat that!

  25. gjhyuljt says:

    awesome :)

  26. hobo3000 says:

    sweet game

  27. TheEagleScout says:

    I got to level 13

  28. billybob says:


  29. OK ANSWER says:

    I once put out 2 fires with one #3 baloon! Please reply if you do this, or put out more fires with one baloon. :) ;)

  30. ketchupmanbbq says:

    this is an awesome game

  31. mikeyboy says:


  32. Pedro says:

    I can’t play on the iPad !that stinks!

  33. mr.pickle says:

    this game is soooooo hard once you get past the 8th level

  34. randomer says:

    this game is awsome i fail at it but it is entertainin
    this game has been struck by the randomer

  35. christianmonky says:

    this is a awsome game it is crazy i did it far

  36. Candyman says:


  37. general lee says:


  38. cheese says:

    its ok but its not good

  39. bob says:

    it is awesome

  40. mr cool says:

    its ok i guess

  41. the random3r says:

    this is awsome

  42. potato head says:

    its ok but not that good

  43. AwesomeMan100 says:

    LEVEL 1,000,000!

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