Comments about “Fire Stopper”

  1. rockey says:

    i beat it

  2. smer21 says:

    SO EASY!!

  3. de says:

    level 7 is very easy. u have to use a smaller ballon. READ THIS TO PASS LEVEL 7

  4. jazzman says:

    cool game it is awesome

  5. IsaacGoldenSun says:

    level 7 is hard…

  6. Alexander says:

    easy i was past levels 1,2 and 3 its awesome.

  7. fireice88 says:

    Guess who got past level 9

  8. fireice88 says:

    I got to level 7, is that bad ?

  9. fargo says:


  10. Jake says:

    How do you make a catapult

  11. Josh says:

    What makes fire smoke

  12. AD says:

    I GOT 199999

  13. DOUBLE ACE says:


  14. ERRRR........ says:

    i got 687836!!!!!

  15. manda says:

    water water whats the big idea!?

  16. A says:

    10000 points!

  17. peeshooter5698 says:


  18. boysrule58 says:


  19. Rhinno From Pack 99 says:

    This is an okay game you know.
    It could be a little better.
    But Overall I’d Give It 4 Stars.

  20. A random person says:

    Who throws water balloons at their camp fires anyway?

  21. la la la la la la la says:

    i got to leavle 10 hahahahaha

  22. spider man says:

    i beat da game

  23. blazer says:

    level 8 pretty hard

  24. campbell hall.firemen.peter says:

    this game rocks. down with fires. me as well as my dad are firemen in the campbell hall FD.

  25. The Jumping Dude says:

    This is hard.

  26. devalboy says:


  27. boby says:

    it is cool

  28. scout says:

    so fun!!

  29. timewarp says:

    leval 10 o ya!!!!

  30. techead37 says:

    i love firestoper it is awsome

  31. techead37 says:

    i love fire stopper it is awsome

  32. masster says:

    its preety good

  33. steelers football 101 says:

    I agree with iguanaboy I am good and I like dis game!

  34. the apocalypse says:

    very weird

  35. Random person says:

    LV 8

  36. mj je says:


  37. g2yi47823b2353476r89fdvjzd says:

    to boysrule58 I beat up to lvl9

  38. g2yi47823b2353476r89fdvjzd says:

    this game is so fun!

  39. cool guy says:

    I am a sucker on this game !!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. boysrule58 says:

    lv 7 is impossible!!!!!1

  41. boysrule58 says:

    how do you get past lv 7? someone tell me

  42. boysrule58 says:


  43. boysrule58 says:

    423. ha!

  44. highflyer 23 says:

    I stink at this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. brownno says:

    i beat the game

  46. 1234567890-0987654321 says:

    10953 beat that

  47. dill picle says:

    I scored 2,004 on my first try. BEAT THAT

  48. CamaWolf says:

    Now, who says “Don’t play with fire”?

  49. AttackoftheInsane says:


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