Comments about “Flooded Village”

  1. jakey says:

    Awesome !

  2. RBDUCKS says:

    this game is boring

  3. bh says:

    Level 5 is so hard!

  4. BRICKBOY says:

    On the secret level it won’t finish, even if it is 100% done………..also, I think there should be another secret level.

  5. Cool says:

    IT WON’T PLAY!!!!

    • The Star Scout says:

      When I first clicked on the game, before it even showed the loading screen, the game part of the screen went white and didn’t do anything.

  6. cheese ball 100 says:


  7. doyaplayroblox? says:

    its hard on lvl 6

  8. doyaplayroblox says:

    Cant load for some reason

  9. blbllbl says:

    won,t load

  10. alfafapedro says:

    the pirates are so annoying,they just say”ay!” even when the level is over

  11. importantgalaxy346 says:


  12. redninja says:

    awesome game. the guys that made this game should make more great games

  13. RandomMinecraftPlayer says:

    The secret level finished itself but….
    What now?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hit the “r” key an the levels select and the secret level should finish itself

  15. slick :) says:

    Pretty good game. It’s fun…. B-)

  16. Anonymous says:

    Got three stars in all levels, so it IS possible, I HAVE DONE IT!!
    You get a bunch of starts on the menu.

    I don’t know what’s with the “secret” level. Press R on level select (DO NOT go to a level). You go to a level that spells “FLOODED VILLAGE”. The level auto solves and you get 2 moves, so you can 3-star it.

  17. booknerd2 says:

    its all right but level 1~5 is impossible

  18. Booknerd#1 says:

    It’s easy you just have to think. P.S. I am also Gamenerd#1

  19. jj12 says:

    so gamefreak

  20. Rose says:

    LOVE THE MUSIC!!!!!!

  21. rosie&georgeCA says:

    2-6 imposible

  22. AwesomeGamer123 says:

    Cool, but challenging, and the music drives me insane

  23. d says:

    I wish this would work

  24. Anonymous says:

    Not loading

  25. Anonymous says:

    how do you get the game to work properly

  26. taco angel says:

    awesome and very strategic game!

    btw how do you do 2-6?

  27. PUNKIN HEAD says:

    I love it

  28. ender cat says:

    Kill THE VILLAGERS!!!!!!!!!

  29. treem8 says:

    inpossible! s-4 is inpossible!


  30. tomboy says:


  31. jk says:

    i love it

  32. goodjfjsdfadhfbehjf says:


  33. ?33 says:

    to hard

  34. balller says:

    way to easy

  35. hater says:

    this game is way to boring

  36. batboy says:

    to easy

  37. 1123 says:

    not loaded –

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