Comments about “Flooded Village”

  1. Ordep says:

    How do you get past level 4-6 (which is the last level)? I’m relly stuck on it! :-<

  2. Flooded Village Lover says:

    I’m stuck on 3-5. Can’t find any solution, but I know it is probably right in front of my eyes.

  3. JCOmorgan says:

    2-6 so far

  4. Dude says:

    But 3-4 is HARDER!!!

  5. Dude says:

    3-3 is super HARD!!!

  6. jboy322 says:

    minecraft more awsome

    • jungle says:

      duh, mindcraft is an online game and the only game on there is mindcraft, here they have lots of games that are more like mini-games

  7. Superboy says:

    Dude, Im using A Computer AND IT WONT LOAD!

  8. (: says:

    2-5 im on p.s u cant c your comments

  9. gabybaby says:

    anyone beat 1-4

  10. GerbilDude11 says:


  11. goblinslayer1234 says:

    can’t get past 2-4

  12. pcanywii says:

    wierd game…

  13. zombie slayer says:

    Here I go!!!!

  14. zombie slayer says:

    trying the game. How long has the game been here?

  15. fff says:

    halo is better

  16. Minecraft SG rocks! says:

    Won,t load

  17. purplepi says:

    hav’nt played but sounds cool

  18. Blitzer says:

    Can you beat 1-4?

  19. Alex says:

    How do you beat 4-3

  20. pumpkin21 says:

    How do you unlock 6

  21. mine craft fan says:

    this is boring

  22. Blitzer says:

    can anyone beat 1-4????

  23. Knothead says:

    I would like to see BL make their games in html5 and javascript. Why is BL still using Flash?

    Sorry, I’m a computer nerd.

  24. man says:

    how do you flood it?

  25. iamchucknorris says:

    pretty colors.
    pretty colors.
    pretty pretty colors.
    thats wat im thinking bout tis here game…

  26. iamchucknorris says:


  27. Hoejoe says:

    good beat it in 20m though…. and “G” had the first comment guys….

  28. me says:

    i am not good, but it’s fun!

    • EASYONE says:

      Just dont put in front of ice and break the sand around the trees it will flow faster than it can freeze

  29. rickshaw says:

    what happens at the end of the game? anybody got there?

  30. master says:


  31. Patagonia says:

    Fun, but tricky: has anyone beat 4-6?

  32. steve says:

    played this before

  33. da awsome one says:

    first to comment on this game

  34. first to type a comment says:

    weird game

  35. purple bird says:

    Awesome!!!! This game is cool! But who made it? #Peechtival!

  36. The dude says:

    Fun game,I really like it’s music!Kudos to the producer!

  37. money55 says:

    awesome game

  38. Rosscuro 27 says:

    This game is great! Oh, and I’m the First to Comment. Good Music too.

  39. sup99 says:

    cool game

  40. coolplex 289 says:

    amazingly fun cant stop playing

  41. B-Z5T says:

    First one to comment! Won’t load though…

  42. third wheel says:

    I made the first comment that’s amazing !the game is one of the best games boys life has made yet !

  43. Bilbo Baggins says:


  44. Shinbone33 says:

    Fun, but sometimes you forget about what you’re doing!:)

  45. Dragonknight456 says:

    i havent played but i’m sure it’s going to be good

  46. body steeler says:

    cute game

  47. i love reptiles says:

    there’s no comments

  48. sog-rocks says:

    fun game.

  49. g says:

    it looks weird

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