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  1. spiller says:

    2-4 very hard

  2. Egg says:

    How do you level 1000 it’s impossible to beat

  3. awesome says:

    level 3 is hard to get 3 stars

  4. SkyDoesMinecraft says:

    fun game

  5. cramp says:

    1-6 is sooo hard

  6. Dude says:

    3-6 is super super super hard!

  7. bro says:

    I won :)

  8. Kamakazi says:

    How do you beat level 4-6?

  9. fire bird says:

    its hard when villagers come along

  10. gav onyx says:

    what is up with people & not beating level 3-4 it is easy

  11. RipJar says:

    Looks Like a Cartoon

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. m says:

    beat the game in one hour

  14. hippi bob says:

    it’s easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Level 1-5 are easy I’m on 6 p.s. Why is so hard for you guys!?!

  15. i am not a girl says:

    i am stuck on 3-4

  16. deanthebean says:

    Fun but hard

  17. willy says:

    i am not good at it but i will do my best

  18. JB says:

    anyone know how-to do 1-6?

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. superminecraft says:

    sounds fun.

  21. the nintendo fan says:

    on last level wish me luck
    (sigh if only i got the stars i need for the specal world)

  22. Random Child says:

    level 3-4 keeps gliching after I beat it

  23. waddle kirby says:

    fun but very hard :(

  24. Jak 300 lives says:

    So fun but hard.

  25. the other guy says:

    ARRRR!this is difficult !

  26. Steve says:

    Does anyone know how to get past 3-3?

  27. gothmug says:

    how do you guys like this

  28. hotrod says:

    i liked the game.

  29. Help? says:

    How does one get past 3-5?

  30. cool says:


  31. pumpkin21 says:

    ShrewManChew, or any one else know how to beat 3-6

  32. cool says:

    3-4 impossible

  33. purple bird says:

    Okay everybody, here’s how to do level 2-4. First, DO NOT block the ice. Clear all the sand between the two rows of trees and then let the water go. You will water all the trees and get extra points for freezing them. Oh, and you’re welcome. Peechtival!

  34. Anonymous says:

    cant do 1-6

  35. Yo Mamma says:

    This game iz hard :(

  36. ShrewManChew says:

    I beat all the normal levels :-)

  37. marvel fan says:

    3-STARS EVERY SINGLE LEVEL!!!!!!! menu graphic changed, BTW for all those curious people out there.

  38. marvel fan says:

    3- stars on all but 3-6, 4-6, and S-6.

  39. marvel fan says:

    Does anyone have tips on 3-starring:
    and S-2
    beyond that I have done all of them 3-star.

  40. AwesomeSpy!!! says:

    Dear Caleb, as it seems that u r more advanced, how do u do 4-3?

    • purple bird says:

      I’ll tell you how to do 4-3. Get rid of the two sand blocks above the water and the one to the left below it. Then block the ice to the right so it doesn’t freeze the pirate. Then flip the switch so the pirate floats. Before you let the water into the other side, delete the three sand blocks. Then you can let the water flow, but make sure you flip the switch on the right side quickly before it gets frozen. Peechtival!

    • ShrewManChew says:

      go back to level 2-4 and redo it and grasp the concept and use it in 4-3

  41. ShrewManChew says:

    I have finished all the levels except the last one and the last three secret levels but am working on it and am pretty close so if you have any questions on how to beat any of the levels ask me.

  42. lovemama360 says:

    how do you beat 1-4

  43. Rocker says:

    Level 2-4 is very hard!!!!!!!!

    • ShrewManChew says:

      this level was tricky in the beginning but once I figured it out it all made sense and helped with all the other levels 2-4 teaches you a valuable lesson about the levels.

    • ShrewManChew says:

      all you have to do is make the path to ALL the saplings and then let the water out it should freeze as it flows to all the trees and should give you max points.
      ps: try to use as little moves as possible to get 3 stars.

  44. fossil master says:


  45. allstar23 says:

    I’m stuck on 2-4!

  46. AwesomeSpy!!! says:

    I’ve been doing(trying) 4-3 for 3 days now.

  47. caleb says:


  48. 1 says:

    2-2 is SO HARD!!!!!!!

  49. AwesomeSpy!!! says:

    4-3=Super Hard

  50. moe howard is awesome says:

    well i think that its fun until you start getting into like the 3-0 area then it just gets way too hard

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