Comments about “Flooded Village”

  1. firebullet says:

    beat the game easy

  2. jim says:

    so esay with h

  3. nothing says:

    level s-1 is so easy

  4. nothing says:

    cant beat 2-5

  5. adam says:

    somewhat hard

  6. SkyDoesMinecraft says:

    Nice game.

  7. legoking says:

    game is AWESOME and im stuck on 3-6

  8. gav says:

    awesome game!

  9. blt23 says:

    if this came out in app form I would be the first one to buy it!

  10. Mine4craft says:

    I am stuck on level 2-1

  11. rake says:

    fun but hard

  12. bob boat says:

    lame and easy

  13. S minecraft says:

    I cant get past 1-6

  14. ? says:

    not the best game

  15. buble says:

    how do I win 2-4

  16. AWESOMEDUDE says:


  17. gbc says:

    is it just me or did zombotron dissapear?

  18. Finder says:

    Anyone play the new game? Pee-Wee’s Ball Bounce?

  19. heroic warrior says:

    Can’t get to the end.

  20. DcCapsRavensOsSkrillex says:

    I feel really guilty. I like to drown the villagers LOLOLOLOLOl

  21. Anonymous says:

    to hard

  22. I'm Getting Bored says:

    Will they ever post a new game????

  23. Anonymous says:

    hello this game is hard

  24. cookie27 says:

    use these tricks to get all the levels unlocked and finished:hit U after the first move to
    unlock all levels and hit H after the first move to get 1 star on the level

  25. I need help with 1-6, 2-6, 3-6, 4-3, and 4-5 on 3stars says:

    name says it all

  26. goblinslayer1234 says:

    got through S-2

  27. ShrewManChew says:

    I have all the levels except the last secret one and 3 stars on all but 2 levels no cheats!!!

  28. deco1549 says:

    got stuck on 2-2

  29. jj the jetplane says:

    how do you beat 2-4!!!

  30. ineedhelpon3-4 says:

    i need help on level 3-4

  31. bob says:

    cant see it all

  32. Anonymous says:

    I dont know how to finsh 2-4

  33. hopscothc says:

    really hard

  34. rockpaperscissors says:

    (on level) U unlocks all levels, H skips levels, and QWERTY brings you to level 0-6

  35. version23478 says:

    this is aswome

  36. awesome guy says:

    press h to clear level instantly

  37. 2easy says:

    way 2easy

  38. mad man says:

    I need cheats

  39. i can speak russian 123 says:

    a little easy then hard

  40. i1 says:

    Found out way to open up all levels. Press U to open them all up.

  41. hskaratekid says:


  42. i1 says:

    Anyone know how to pass S-3

  43. monster mash says:

    too hard

  44. Basic_Programer says:

    There is an issue with Javascript or some browsers so if it won’t start for you try playing with a different browser or computer.

  45. Sister says:

    It is verry hard

  46. ART ART says:

    Level six is very very hard

  47. catfish2.0 says:

    This is hard

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