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The Lost Pirate Cove

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  1. To:Fidget
    the answer is Night’s Gale!

  2. ibskatefreak // December 31, 2008 at 2:25 pm // Reply

    i dont get it:)

  3. does any1 know the awnser to the pirate ship name with the letters: ehsginglta? i think part of it is night, but im not quite sure.

  4. The answer to the first question is 1 or 0

  5. to J.D Gabe: It’s not 0 its 1

  6. what is the answer to the riddle with the letters:eshigigatln?PLEASE ANSWER! I will post something VERY IMPORTANT if u tell me!

  7. One of solutions:EMPTY HOURGLASS……..hope it helps!!!

  8. the pirate ship name for the first puzzle is Firedrake

  9. i dunno the pirate ships name

  10. Whats the pirate ships name?

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