Comments about “Pee Wee’s Reef Rescue”

  1. boy scout says:

    tis esey

  2. kman says:

    It is not the greatest game I ever played but it is still cool…a little bit.

  3. cool guy says:

    i agree with Funky-monkey

  4. Funky_Monkey says:

    10,000 ths game’s so simple.

  5. boyslife says:


  6. Carbison says:

    Every time I run out of air I get a new high score! Why is this? Also, I have a daily tip for this— Pee Wee runs out of air easily, so always go up for air. This has been Carbison’s daily news! Check back tomorrow for another tip!

  7. Dj says:

    I got 1,300 points!

  8. ASHLEY says:


  9. wonderweblos says:

    chesey,forgot my air tank

  10. K man says:

    I wish he had an air tank. He could stay under water forever!

  11. shoesj4 says:

    SOOOO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(

  12. airborne says:


  13. booya21 says:

    again i got bonked by literaly 100 boats almost ran outta air twice and i got a score of 360 some clownfish i passed by told me a good joke nah im just kidding on the clownfish part

  14. booya21 says:

    lol i got bonked by boats every time

  15. supergamer says:


  16. h11 says:

    easy got390

  17. cowboy says:

    280 points

  18. bebe says:

    I GOT 460!!!

  19. Pee Wee says:

    Boring but easy. Needs power up and new enemies.

  20. the lab says:

    this game is ok

  21. the terrier says:

    love this game

  22. blake says:

    ok game

  23. DUDE says:

    i dont like this game:( i gotta 50 for my score:(

  24. boy127 says:

    i got 200 LEVEL 2

  25. personwhoisright says:

    I CANNOT MOVE!!!!!

  26. rieme says:

    i got 900marks and this game is good

  27. 54r2d2 says:

    (gasping for air)wow 500 ponts dang this game is hard.

    • Anonymous says:

      I got 620

    • Carbison says:

      Yea they should make this game more realistic. Like when Pee Wee runs out of air, they should make him look dead and make him sink. And 3 things this game needs: (A Power-ups (B More enemies (C EXTRA LIVES!!! ESPECIALLY EXTRA LIVES!!!! (falls to his knees and sobs because he ran out of air. AGAIN.)

  28. pinball wizerd says:

    I got to level 8

  29. yo says:

    I like the game it is easy.

  30. awesome says:

    it was awesome!

  31. Fun or Boring game says:

    LEVEL 20 not to brag

  32. Coolkid says:

    Oh yea Razor, I made it higher!!!

  33. pee-wee says:

    I do not like this game.

  34. bl boy says:

    forgot about air tank

  35. man says:

    The worst game EVER!

  36. killer says:

    :]i got 120 points befor i ran out of air

  37. diver says:

    made it to lvl 29 so easy

  38. J says:

    I ran out of Air!

  39. jj says:

    best game and it is asome

  40. warhead says:


  41. awesome person101 says:


  42. football watcher says:

    way too hard!!!!

  43. nicodog says:

    i forgot about my air tank

  44. fusion cheese says:

    i ALWAYS forget to watch my air tank!

  45. denner1 says:

    It is easy.

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