Comments about “Pee Wee’s Reef Rescue”

  1. profbanjo says:

    i set a new high score! the numbers are 320 ! :-D

  2. jazzfan8 says:

    The Utah Jazz are the best team in the NBA Western Conference! GO JAZZ!!!!!!

    I thought Pee Wee’s Reef Rescue was okay, but it was pretty boring. Pee Wee

    needs somthing like a shark to try and stop him to make it harder.

    P.S. Deron Williams is the NBA’s best point right now, but John Stockton is still in the lead. Make sure to get writing up an article about the Jazz and Deron Williams!


  3. critic 11 says:

    my rating: -11

  4. zakman says:

    the most boring game yet

  5. kingkong5 says:

    new high score 690!

  6. donkey kong says:

    my webkinz told me to play this game my transformers told me not . who should i agree with?

  7. 6218 says:

    the boringest game in the would id rathere play barbeswith my sister

  8. David man says:

    Awsome 9000

  9. anthony says:


  10. nukeskout says:

    Ash.k: you need to surface to replenish your air, otherwise your demise is guaranteed. You are not scubaing, you are snorkeling.

  11. David man says:

    New High Score 160

  12. Hubabuba says:

    I know that this has nothing to do with the game, but why is there the sentince above the game that says: GO GREEN!, in YELLOW letters?!?!?! Also, that game is really boring!

  13. ash.k says:

    i ran out of air in like 10 sec.

  14. Pudding Man says:

    3240! Go me

  15. eaglescout2345 says:

    i can hear pee wee’s voice!!!

  16. luke says:

    i got a high score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. calvin says:

    new high score!570 points!

  18. joeeoj says:

    the things fall too fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Jack says:

    I got to Lv 27 and i ran out off air

  20. PeeWeePlayer says:

    I’m very good at this game. I got 2880 points. That’s Level 29!

  21. amosnitro says:

    so cool. best game ever! six stars

  22. saiyoof says:

    cute cool game

  23. bored dude says:


  24. t-man says:

    That was awasome I

  25. gamerdude says:

    this game was mean, u ran out of air in like, 15 sec.

  26. pee wee50 says:


  27. abc says:

    it was fun!

  28. Caspian says:

    that is so fun.

  29. leapord gecko says:

    my score was 1010

  30. I B M R 200 :; says:

    Not the best, but good.

  31. sk8terdude101101101 says:

    ive done better games :(

  32. Dan10 says:

    I got a new high score ! this game is very fun to play.

  33. g says:

    1900 first try

  34. g-men says:


  35. miamihurricanes says:

    this game is pretty coll dude

  36. soso222 says:

    Hard but fun

  37. GJBLJLJ; says:


  38. jumba565656565 says:

    I STINK 140

  39. blk dg says:

    this games is fun but im naot very good at it.

  40. Pokerule1 says:

    yea! 2 new high scores! :) =) :'(

  41. anonymos says:


  42. Indiana Jones the Fourth says:

    This game is supper easy as long as you monitor your oxygen.

  43. trevor says:

    its cool

  44. grass says:

    wouldnt let me play the game

  45. Anananomus 2 says:


  46. thomyboy says:

    i not so good i made it lvl3 with240 points

  47. Chazer19 says:

    The Game’s Ok. I got a bad score though. Pee Wee Sounds All British!!! Lol!!! :)

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