Comments about “Pee Wee’s Reef Rescue”

  1. snowball says:

    my score is 320! Ha ha ha!

  2. 6 pack says:

    310, new highscore babbie

  3. adsdasdewf says:

    i got 1129 on my first try

  4. Ladiesboy! says:

    I have to agree whith all of you that say that the game is boring! I only got like 40 for my high score!!

  5. tictac says:

    the air goes out to fast

  6. ironman says:

    I misspelled score

  7. ironman says:

    oops my sore is really2,180

  8. ironman says:

    my high score is 2,181!

  9. Dill says:

    This is a fun but it’s hard.

  10. zippy says:

    i guess it’s okay

  11. wassup101 says:

    This game is too hard because you have to go up for air.

  12. i rock says:

    this game rocks!

  13. chimpin6 says:

    to r2-d2 its your OWN high score!

  14. fishin man says:

    my high scor eis 50000 it took me 20 minutes

  15. showof29 says:

    it was OK :)

  16. Happyman says:

    I got 580

  17. Bushy says:

    I got 1890

  18. yo man says:

    7 out of 10

  19. whatson says:

    theres no purpose to even play this boring game.

  20. whatson says:

    i agree with wicked dude!

  21. dude says:

    i agree with wicked dude

  22. dude says:

    i agree with wicked dude and it was boring

  23. jonpaul says:

    I got 310

  24. b gvbbvvbvbvbvb says:

    i got 550

  25. 32turbo says:

    it was fun enough for me to play it a bunch of times and tell my friends , 32turbo gives two thumbs up.

  26. Swimmer??NOT!1111 says:

    peace, im lower than u with 60!!!

  27. A Random BSA says:

    I got 140, that is just plain horrid! w00t!

  28. mister chips says:

    i got 500… here is a hint: go to the top of the screen when you are runing out of air.

  29. Wweadam says:

    My score was 270

  30. fire bird says:


  31. Goob says:

    Hard game but fun.

  32. webbbie says:


  33. Nat says:

    On my first try I got 4020 and my socend try I got 6000

  34. YOBRO! says:

    I agree with you MO’Steel. It’s not a very fun game. My high score was 100 on my first try. On my second try i got 140.

  35. peace says:

    jonbuddy, if you think you got a low score i got 70!

  36. Double B dog says:

    That was hard and boring! My high score was 70 than 100 the second time!

  37. aj says:

    I played a second time and i got 30000!

  38. wicked dude says:

    it was allright for someone whos STILL WAITING FOR IT TO LOAD!!!

  39. royal says:

    That was boring my score was 368 and then I KILLED PEE WEE
    by the way it says new high score to everyone

  40. Bryan the BL fan says:

    Two thumbs way, WAY up! My highest score was 1230 points.(Easy at first, but became very hard)

  41. Bud says:

    it’s really hard but fun a #10

  42. r2-d2 says:

    that was kinda fun,
    and i got a new high score 90 and chub if your reading this you did not get
    points 9,991 it said new high score to me. THANK YOU.

  43. yaddayak says:

    620 is my score.

  44. superman says:

    this is very cool i wish wen i am a grone man i want to be a nas car driver

  45. dillbill says:

    i like this game very much

  46. tenmount says:

    Easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My high score is 540. (kind of bad)

  47. CHUB says:

    MY SCORE WAS 9,991!

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