Comments about “Dredd Speed’s Solar Shootout”

  1. Enderman_27 says:

    if you click and drag while shooting you get the bosses in your level FREE!

  2. Enderman_27 says:

    i had like a glitch if you click and drag while shooting you get the bosses in your level FREE!

  3. the cheeat is says:

    the cheat is hold left mouse ansd u can go out of safe atrea

  4. Awesome says:

    Like tankz and tanks 2 the first one is hard but the second is easy until level 13

  5. dkfjlkfgnrskg says:


  6. Ranger says:

    Reply if you think Dredd Speed reminds you of Spaceman Spiff (from Calvin and Hobbes.)

  7. The Moderator says:

    Great game. The original. The best. Period.

  8. clone unit cc148 says:

    if i could get my hands on the ‘boss’…

  9. KingOCorn says:

    I just don’t get it… Why do so many people hate this game? It is in my opinion BETTER than defenders of the earth.

  10. The epic says:

    I got all the upgrades and know a cheat i am unbeatable

  11. sonic says:

    this is so copied from Dredd Speeds Defenders of the earth

  12. noo says:

    16706 points 20 kills 6 lost ps all on boss 20 duels won

  13. bdog says:

    Awesom!!!!! I wish they would make a new one

  14. ninja cool says:

    Made it to the boss but died tons of points though. If you get to the boss you need to go really fast and hit him.

  15. Anonymous says:

    very hard

  16. roboman says:

    I ran out of credits in the first minute. ):

  17. legoman says:

    18860 points
    6th level
    21 won
    1 lost

  18. giggly weirdo says:

    This game was so easy

  19. Bob says:

    Comared to this, Mouse trap is a breeze

  20. ice hawk says:

    16560 points P.S. is it even possible to beat the “Boss”;:(

  21. Captain Weedwacker says:

    Won the whole thing without losing a single duel! Beat that!!!

  22. Score1870 says:

    Score 18760, Highest level 6, Duels won 21, Duels lost 0
    Thank you Cheat!

  23. daredevil says:

    I completed the game with 18760 and no hits against beat that wha-hoo

  24. KK says:

    2 words:PLASMA BOLTRONATORS!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. KK says:

    defeated Zevv Glowfield with 1 blow!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. olooo says:

    like it!!

  27. captain orange hero says:

    I don’t know why everybody says this is a bad game… not as fun as defenders of the earth but not bad… the glitch is, for those who don’t know, click and drag from the safe zone to anywhere and you can get a head start, actually I don’t think the ammo glitch is real, because the few people who claim to know it won’t tell ;-)…
    p.s. does anyone know how to say Hkingoztaagek gek???? ;-)

  28. Captain Orange Hero says:

    I don’t know why everyone says this is a bad game… not as good as defenders of the earth but not bad, anyway the glitch makes it easier… for those who don’t know you have to click in the safe zone and hold while you drag it anywhere on the screen to get a head start… btw I won the game and got a score of 18860… does anyone know how to pronounce hkingoztaagek gek??? ;-)

  29. shotgun scout says:

    worst game ever

  30. Anonymous says:

    game stinks i dont thnk so

  31. sup yo says:


  32. meg says:

    this game stinks

  33. joman says:

    I love the cheat

  34. ninja says:

    This game… I-Its really bad!

  35. MANMOTH says:


  36. KK says:

    I won with a score of 13510, only 5 duels lost, 17 duels won and a highest level of level 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Rossi says:

    What are the cheats

  38. jully says:

    cool game. but it takes to long for the target to come up

  39. HARNSTROM says:

    This game won’t work on kindle fire

  40. joman says:

    i love thhe cheats

  41. KK says:

    Glitched on me.

  42. guy dangerous says:

    A lot of fun but it glitches

  43. ninja says:

    it is okay. i like it.

  44. da bomb says:

    beat it in 3 min. with 0 losses and 795 coins!

  45. Mario Fan says:

    This game is… well, I’ll sugarcoat it. IT WAS TERRIBLE!

  46. ok says:

    I dident like this game cause you dont get money so ya !

  47. kinja says:

    real fun do derby town racing

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