Comments about “Dredd Speed’s Solar Shootout”

  1. hagrid says:

    I like the 2nd one better

  2. Super girl says:

    i like it better

  3. Anonymous says:

    POINTS TOTAL:19260
    DUELS WON:21

    Defenders of Earth is waaaaaaaayyyy better…

  4. harry potter says:

    i got to the last guy but then i was defeated.AWESOMe GAME!!!!!!!!

  5. i says:

    i beat awsome dudes record won with 100 helth and 8999 credits

  6. AOS says:

    Almost beat boss!

  7. Mario says:

    Awesome, but frustrating

  8. rex says:

    it’s lousy.

  9. the dude says:

    I got 18760 points won every battle didn’t die once and had about 800 credits by the end.

  10. Fisher 2010 says:

    It’s a fun game

  11. aj17 says:

    i had all health and 496 credits beat that

  12. sonicboom says:


  13. awesome dude says:

    I beat The Boss and won the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had 100 health remaining. Anyone want to beat that? I think i had 392 credits. Tell me if you beat my record.

  14. Aztec says:

    18960 points, highest level 6, won 21 duels, lost 2. I lost those tho “The Boss” Who got me with a single shot! ACK! I beat him anyway.

  15. nyyanks00 says:

    cheat code on ready steady click and hold left mouse and take out of safe area

  16. Sonic says:

    I got to the final stage but I lost:(

  17. bro says:

    I just needed to defeat the boss

  18. come on says:

    I hade 4 more aliens left and I would have beat it

  19. Aztec says:

    I won! 18760 points, I won 21 duels, lost none. The second one is better though. This one is still fun.

  20. five foot three guy says:

    everyone else seems to like the second one more but that`s ok i like the second one more anyway too

  21. person says:

    dis game is lame. the computer cheats.>:(

  22. Wii miester says:

    Can’t beat the boss……duh

  23. boo says:

    i beat the game there is a cheat code to beat a opponent easy while it says ready steady go hold the mouse and move it out of the safe area and it does not say false start.

  24. death says:

    I got to the end but did not win

  25. fygrtyh says:

    love this game!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. rex217 says:

    mi skor is 2510.

  27. supernoahboy says:

    its fun but the second ones beter

  28. big D says:

    these is so hard

  29. slick says:

    love it, got killed when i shot him, then he shot me and i died

  30. Monkey Guy says:

    I’ve actually WON !!!!!!!!

  31. mck says:

    very hard to play. this game is frustrating b/c you can’t get on the target. not much fun.

  32. Indy23 says:

    The second one is better.:)

  33. dude says:

    i got to the end but did not win.

  34. kj says:

    i got to the end but did not win

  35. rex says:

    its awesome

  36. Flamer794 says:

    Best game ever!

  37. Marky says:

    This is like, too hard.

  38. aru says:

    it would probaly be easyer if i were in the game

  39. bigbrother says:

    how do you get to the second game in the seris

  40. rockey says:

    I love it.

  41. jetster says:

    hate this it is so hard

  42. Jakie says:

    It’s fun but not TOO fun. Cant beat the boss.

  43. Topher says:

    I got killed in the first battle

  44. somone says:

    the second game is easier

  45. .:[TYRANT]:. says:

    i like da new one better

  46. .:[TYRANT]:. says:

    i like da new one

  47. chicken man says:

    200 ):

  48. sis says:

    it’s wierd beecause u can’t get on the target

  49. xyz says:

    hate the game

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