Comments about “Dredd Speed’s Solar Shootout”

  1. cooolman103 says:

    i got 7020 ani won 14 duels(:but lost twice):

  2. supernoahboy says:


  3. Jax says:

    put your gun in the “safe zone” then hold and drag it out at ready, steady… let go, then fire at the target! I got through the whole game without getting hit once!

  4. bassman4ever says:

    13,970 18 opponets beat 0 lost and level 6

  5. 3.14159289 = pi says:

    wow I won so many times from that information

  6. 90000000 says:

    too hard.

  7. redpringle says:

    i dont like this game

  8. cooolman103 says:

    i got 205 damage in one hit

  9. anthony says:


  10. zev glowfiend says:

    i beat everyone except the “boss” who i had to sell my stuff to pay for.

  11. maddog37 says:

    i once got 120 damage in 1 hit on my oppenent

  12. maddog37 says:

    i once got 120 damage in 1 hit and im only a cub scout

  13. billybob123 says:

    thank you qwenty for tip…..i won!:)

  14. nyyanks00 says:

    cheat code
    on ready steady click and hold left mouse and then take out of safe area

  15. ok says:

    I beat it in 10 min. sooo easy

  16. deadeye says:

    19780 21 wins 1 “boss loss”

  17. deadeye says:


  18. miniman124 says:

    this is too hard

  19. Warrgus Wuurk's Weapons and Wares says:

    The power for the fifth gun is 12.

  20. sug says:

    boring defenders of the earth is waaaay better

  21. qwerty says:

    When it says “ready” click and hold and drag to the center and release on “Duel!”.

  22. ansem13 says:

    didnt even lose once

  23. qwerty says:

    When it says “ready” click and hold and drag to the center and release on “Duel!”.

  24. qwerty says:

    18,960 21 wins 2 “Boss” losses

  25. firestar says:

    Super easy

  26. Aurora says:

    Dang it! Miss on the boss once and your dead. Die once, have to sell all your stuff to get health, dead.

  27. boots'nsaddles says:


  28. Anonymous says:

    number 2 is way better

  29. Spyeye says:

    i coudnt get past the boss

  30. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

    this game is fun

  31. hi says:

    crushed on boss

  32. jojo says:

    points 2,080
    level 3
    wins 8
    loses 3

  33. hidethepudding says:

    i won 18 levels, kind of easy, but fun

  34. miAH9 says:

    POINTS 540

  35. Anonomys says:


  36. caprisun says:

    i won 15 times

  37. Bobberto says:

    Defenders of the Earth is WAY better

  38. bogoboy says:

    got to the boss then i got squashed

  39. caprisun says:

    this is awesome!!! i defeated a opponent with one shot! cool :D

  40. flinch says:

    lame compared to defenders of the earth.

  41. ghostfreak400 says:

    made it to the boss. then got crushed

  42. huntermox1231 says:

    Help me I can only get to level two.

  43. miniman124 says:

    this is hard

  44. drew says:

    i won it

  45. clondeoxys says:

    it,s hard

  46. Jonny says:

    This is awesome!!!!

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