Comments about “Dredd Speed’s Solar Shootout”

  1. Joe Bomb says:

    I beat the whole game without losing a fight.

  2. pikmin says:

    How do you get past the 1st guy?Leve a comment.

  3. nick363587 says:

    I like the old one better

  4. wacky says:

    its REALLY hard but i am kinda good at it

  5. iblis says:

    me know cheat!! put your target in the starting point hold down the right mouse butten and drag your target out and let go of the butten!!

  6. jedi101 says:

    13120 Level 6!

  7. jack sparrow says:

    i got 18760…first try! no losts

  8. mr cool says:

    it is hard

  9. danny says:


  10. 56bull7 says:

    this is like the best game here

  11. Jedi1o101 says:

    I GOT TO LEVEL 5 With 9680 Points HA HA HA!!!!!

  12. Game Master ( aprantance ) says:

    Now it’s 19,060.

  13. Game Master ( aprantance ) says:

    I killed all enemies and my high score is 18,760. I rule!

  14. anonymous says:

    I won without getting hit ONCE

  15. cooldude says:


  16. coocoo humumu software says:


  17. recorderfrantic says:

    this is hard :-(

  18. Monkeymann says:

    I BEAT THE BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. pap says:

    I hate the game!!!!!

  20. txt dude says:

    What is the boss’s name? Whatever it is, I almost got to him but then the game wen’t berserk. AARG!

  21. clone x100 says:


  22. p guy says:

    I changed my mind

  23. awsomness22 says:

    I agree bboy

  24. Game Master ( aprantance ) says:

    Thank you for the tip Erty. Ha ha!!!!

  25. Zoroark the Epic says:

    12510! BEAT THAT, N00BS!

  26. asomness2 says:

    my score was 182604

  27. bigD says:

    to easy

  28. winner says:

    this game is boring!!!!!!#2 is super cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. deadspeed says:

    the guy i was fighting got a hit and he was out of the target

  30. deadspeed says:


  31. deadspeed says:


  32. mikey says:


  33. mikey says:

    the second one’s better

  34. erty says:

    if you hold down the mose button you can dag it to the target before it says duel

  35. wert says:

    wow that is one cool game

  36. Aragorn son of Arathorn says:

    Awesome game beat it along time ago, but cannot figure out for the life of me how to do it again!

  37. darth maul says:

    bow down to me i got 1002

  38. twinkie dude says:

    good game makes top 5 for my favorite games

  39. Blaze says:

    that is cool :B

  40. dude says:

    made it 5 duels with no damage. i got distracted dueling madblink and got shot twice

  41. kirbyus says:

    Clean run!
    18760 points
    Highest LVL 6
    W/L 21/0

  42. Darth Vader says:


  43. Game Master (apprantance) says:

    Hi I’m back!!! now let’s see if I can beat 5 enemies in a row.

    • destroyer says:

      dude you no thars a nether dread spead game and a nether i think i like the secend game the most and i dont like to brag but i beat this game a long long time a go but realy you should try the ether games ok Game Master (apprantance) i love the ether game just as much if not more ok Game Master (apprantance)

  44. max says:

    score 16400

  45. Argonian says:


    Highest Level-6

    Duels Won-21

    these scores i pledge opon my sacred honor as a member of the BSA.

  46. person says:

    fun but #2 is way better. I’m glad they made “Dredd Speed Defenders Of The Earth” I got 940 points highest level was 3 won 4 lost 3. I did bad. ):

  47. Bboy says:

    Kinda easy and kinda hard

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