Comments about “Codemaster: Code Maker”

  1. Sor Sor says:

    Awesome but has a few bugs

  2. the_dragon1213 says:

    awesome game

  3. hi says:

    test test test test test test test.

  4. YOLO says:

    I HAVENT PLAYED IT YET,BUT I WILL….not today though…

  5. jay says:

    This game is so fun!!! My best friend, semi-best friend, and I send messages to each other every day!!!!!!!!

  6. im awesome says:

    so boring…

  7. Mr man says:


  8. decode says:

    Please,tell me how the code works!!!

  9. CHUCK NORRIS says:


  10. jjacbjim says:


  11. jason0115 says:

    TYPE 9999 NOW!!!

  12. Firestar says:

    the code is 1999

  13. waleson20 says:

    i love this game. it teaches future agents!

  14. legolover says:

    this game is useless

  15. mesa jarjar says:

    The randomize program is obviously in use. the computer see’s the number and letter and knows what to set to.

  16. COLE says:


  17. slug says:

    its a cool thing to do if you have something that you want only one person to know

  18. Nick says:

    How do you play???

  19. weirdo says:

    I put stuff in code then email it to my sister

  20. heyhayhey says:

    well I FOR ONE THINK THIS GAME IS FUN! me and my brother send back and forth messages on email to decode and we think it’s awesome!

  21. legolandlover56 says:

    can not find out how to do it and i am a master at cp and this is like trying to eat atoms with out geting shoked!

  22. Raven says:

    this is a useless game why would they even put it on boys life?

  23. ash says:

    I agree with nobody and bigguy.

  24. The Fireball2 says:


  25. bigguy says:

    i dont get it

  26. Poppo says:

    I made up my own code;]

  27. soccerlover3 3000 says:

    i love this game its cool

  28. jk says:

    huh? I don’t get the game.

  29. elderkid0 says:

    i think they use the numbers to count forward

  30. PErSoN says:

    same as dexx

  31. LOL=Happy says:

    This could be useful!

  32. yo im cool says:

    enter 8666 for the id code

  33. DJ 59 says:

    This, pa, game, pa, is, pa, really, pa, boring, pa. I bet you can crack that code.

  34. hgxgdfghggh says:

    i bet they put in random letters

    • Ninja says:

      How do you decode it if it is randomn numbers there has to be some kind of alpha-numeral algorithm from the ID code for the program to use for decoding. -> just to be snarky DUH!!!

  35. dexx says:

    I dont get it

  36. Some lame dude says:

    AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. qwertyuiop says:

    Hey! I thought this game was awesome!!!!!!!

  38. hulk says:

    why do they have a boring game on a fun website.

  39. Spiderfire9 says:

    this is the worst game ever

  40. wassup101 says:

    me and my buds use this to email each other in code.

  41. Anonymous says:


  42. kilam says:

    Boo! My printer didn`t print. Well the game was cool!!

  43. scout says:

    I have 1 word for you,


  44. luigifan says:

    i dont get the id??

  45. bobtan says:

    try 9999

  46. nobody says:

    not fun

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