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  1. beatle11 says:

    This is excellent practice, and a fun little app! Thank you!

    It would be even better if there were some way to turn off the numbers and just test for letters (and even whole words) – the numbers occur too frequently and are tedious to repeat. But otherwise this was very helpful!

  2. Third Mate says:

    I think this is a great tool since it has been so long since i had to know morse code! Now I can upgrade to second mate no problem! Thanks for the game!

  3. tiger lilly says:

    The Morse code machine is very cool. And I really enjoyed it. I will tell my friends about it.

  4. 9W2TNY says:

    Great game to practice daily…
    I learn more to be better ham radio operator..


  5. RIahlyn says:

    This game is boring :-p lol….

  6. Anonymous says:

    this game is not my favorite i’d rather have a game that involves the code in a more creative way

  7. joejoeman says:


  8. joebob67 says:

    its cool, but it wont help me learn morse

  9. bob says:

    this is great. i have almost memorized it.

  10. JerseyJim says:

    As many people pointed out, the code that comes out ..— is number 2 and it sometimes thinks its number 3. Also, it would be nice if you could change the speed parameters and let it put out random letters at various speeds so you could improve your copying speed.

  11. Dumdiddy says:

    I cant wait to learn morse code so I can get a Ham radio licence! :)

  12. anon says:

    The element lengths and spacing are horrible!

  13. CadillacArt says:

    Had a real tough time with code as a Boy Scout years ago (never did get it!) but this is a fun way for an “old” guy to learn it. I will be on the air as soon as I finish building my MFJ Cub kit.

  14. Anonymous says:

    this is easy!!

  15. nerdbird says:

    There is a bug in this. The number “3” is displayed as 2 in morse code.

  16. eli says:

    just learned how to read binary time, this should be fun

  17. cooldude says:

    How do you do this?!?

  18. Anonymous says:


  19. scooter says:

    i kno morse code

  20. chick dot com says:

    fun for girls too!

  21. Bob says:

    I memorized the whole thing. By the way bob you sttole my name.

  22. natitonic says:

    im going 2 try 2 memorize it! :D

  23. BoysLife_Girl says:

    This game i scool. it is kinda boring, but still cool

  24. bob says:

    game is horrible

  25. Anonymous says:


  26. liliarni says:

    its a great way to learn morse but its kinda boring

  27. Ham says:

    Yes, di-di-dah-dah-dah is 2, not 3
    This game looks like a good idea.
    I hope some young kids like it and learn Morse.

  28. Mac says:

    Nice idea…needs a little work. As mentioned dit dit dah dah dah is 2 not 3 are the program reports. It would be nice to be able to adjust the tone and keyboard entry would be good. Keep up the good work.

  29. Ferdinandº says:

    “i think there’s a problem with the “listen and guess” part. di-di-dah-dah-dah should be 2 but when you guess 2 its says you’re wrong and the answer is 3.”


  30. Anonymous says:

    i think there’s a problem with the “listen and guess” part. di-di-dah-dah-dah should be 2 but when you guess 2 its says you’re wrong and the answer is 3.

  31. Unknown says:

    Dear Boys’ Life,
    I think that this game isn’t the best. I’m sorry. I just don’t like it.

  32. gw7jsh says:

    Don’t be discouraged by this game. It’s a game and not a Morse course. It reminds me that I started to learn the code in Scouts but got distracted by building rockets! Much later I got my “ticket”, still poor at Morse (hence GW7 prefix).

  33. mello10 says:

    this is kool, but it aint my type of game. i stink at memorizing stuff. it sometimes is hard for me, sometimes isnt; depends.

  34. will says:

    I don,t get it because it,s hard!!!!!!!

  35. Hotrod says:

    I’m a Ham Radio operator, operating with a General Class, FCC, license, but I don’t
    know Moris Code… Is there an actual Moris Code Machine, like the one depicted
    on this website? If so, where can I purchase one!!!

  36. Bruch9 says:

    It’s Cool but, hard to understand. I hope I learn to decode it soon.

  37. Anonymous says:


  38. ninja girl says:

    it’s a good game but i can’t remember any of it

  39. menia says:

    hi this is a good way to learn but i cant remeber any of it so i think u could make a song or a catch phrase to make more people remember it and i think its a fun game but most kids arent remembering it so ya i think u need a song or a catch phrase for it

  40. martianshark says:

    There is a problom: The Y looks like V.

  41. jimbo says:

    Hey! great tool! I’m learning a lot!

    One problem:
    Sometimes when it puts out the number 2 for you to guess, it says, sorry the answer is 3, when it was indeed 2!!!!

    Other than this problem, it is cool!

  42. nacholady says:

    My scouts loved it. Showed it to son-in-law who is a Ham Radio Operator and wants to learn Morse. All kids respond to activities in various ways as adults do. I used it to fulfill a requirement for the Communicator Webelo Pin

  43. James says:

    Hey this is cool! This is really helping me to memorize the code fast.

  44. mach says:

    is the Morse code of number 3 is ..—? I thought that is number 2. I found it different…

  45. N8AME says:

    What a great way to “remember” the code. I don’t use it much, so it’s great to have a place to practice. KB1ARM is right, if you really want to “get your speed up” get on the air and pound away!

    –… …–

  46. starwarstheclonewars says:

    i found a glitch if you do test 2 first and then without doing anything go to test 1 the letter is the same letter encoded

  47. KB1ARM says:

    The machine is cute. It would have been a real help to me when I was studying code for my Novice ticket in the early 90’s. But in all honesty there’s no substitute for the “real thing,” so get on the air and pound some brass!!!


    Ron / New Hampshire

  48. madman99 says:

    the morse code machine is awsome! I`m going to tell all my friends about it.

  49. Sir Jerome says:

    Dear Boys’ Life,

    I think that Morse code is a great skill to have. I also think that this program is quite good, except for a few errors: 2’s and 3’s get mixed up, both in coding and in decoding. Please correct this error soon.

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