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Morse Code Machine

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  1. just click on a letter, and it will be morsed. click on ‘Test 1: Listen and Guess” to guess letters. click on “Test 2: Morse the Letter” to practice morsing. and that’s how ya do it, Greek Geek.

  2. Burn Phoenix1504 // November 26, 2010 at 1:13 pm // Reply

    I use this everyday and am really good at morse code. I know I will get the centennial meritbadge.

  3. Here’s a hint: Look under the letters.


  5. dude!!!! dis is hard

  6. I love it! When nothing else worked, this is! 😀

  7. its hard to differentiate between 0 and O

  8. I like it. i am working on the signaling centennial merit badge, and i think this will b helpful

  9. morse for 2 is apparently 3? other than that its pretty cool

  10. R-A-V-E ...-. // November 3, 2010 at 12:20 pm // Reply

    Anyway, this game is not only for fun it is for learning purposes.

  11. This game is great except sometimes 2 is 3

  12. hi my name is... // October 27, 2010 at 8:11 pm // Reply

    this game is fun and in 2 days i leaerned almost the WHOLE morse code alphabet. its also really fun.

  13. how do you play the game i cant get it to work ahhhhh!

  14. there can’t be anything better!!!!!


  16. MY relative invented the morse code telephone. I’M a pro at this game 🙂

  17. fix the glitch w/ the 2 and 3 people! come one!

  18. how do you take the morse code test online to get your merit badge in signaling.

  19. on your listen and guess test, when ..— comes up and i click on #2 it tells me i am incorrect when in fact ..— is # 2 not # 3 as it says it is.

  20. Da Game Is Super Boring And Extremely hard!!!!!!

    …..I’m Out

  21. really great

  22. Super horrible

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