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Morse Code Machine


Comments about “Morse Code Machine”

  1. bandihobyradio says:

    good for practice…

  2. MysteryAuthor says:

    Good fun and good practice at any age.

  3. #SWAG says:

    This is C.O.O.L. FOREVER

  4. YoloSwagger says:

    I got an A= on my Ham code test with this!

  5. Star says:

    A great idea for improvement!!!

  6. Titanic Belfast says:

    Very good!

  7. former ham says:

    Great for building up my code speed. Wish it would go faster.

  8. Pazpaz says:

    Wish I could download it.

  9. choochoo says:

    Fantastic for building up my receive speed. Recomended highly!

  10. Galileo says:

    Great practise tool!

  11. ugibar says:

    very good for learning morse for ham radio.

  12. sorefinger says:

    I like this, great for beginners

  13. hellokitty123 says:

    this is so cool love it

  14. soft touch says:

    this is good practice for the beginner.

  15. dragon food™ says:

    I have a wakie takie with morse code

  16. Daniel says:

    The “O” is supposed to be three longs not four

  17. Anonymous says:

    o is supposed to be 3 longs

  18. lightskin says:

    This is so boring

  19. Sandman says:

    Great Practice for the Ham code test.

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