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  1. DaveHAM says:

    This would be just about perfect… but the O & 0 and the I and 1 look to similar.

  2. I'm a girl says:


  3. rocket says:

    How can i download that machine

  4. ken says says:


  5. mehh says:


  6. john says:

    Too much fun

  7. Kirito-Kun says:

    One thing that would make it better is to test you on certain places, like only letters for an example.

  8. Vyp01 says:

    Excellent game…. love it!!!!!!!

  9. KK4*** says:

    this is fun great practice the only thing I don’t like is guessing between the zero and o

  10. Cam says:

    keep getting the same questions over and over again. If there was more variety, it would be way more enjoyable, but overall great game.

  11. coby says:

    boring 5 10

  12. happy hippy says:

    its so cool.

  13. JoJo says:

    Can we speed it up?

  14. cool says:


  15. tacoman188 says:

    It’s a great game, but they should change it so that the 0 is more distinguishable from the letter O.

  16. The Natural says:

    The “Y” is hard to tell apart from the “V” and the # Zero looks like the letter “O.” On the whole a great tool for early learning. Could you have a speed setting so we can go faster?

  17. Francisco says:


  18. satish says:

    very good subject

  19. Jerry says:

    This Morse Code Machine is so cool. It’s the best one for learning A thru Z and 0 thru 9 in morse code.

  20. Anonymous says:

    to cool

  21. N3ATS says:

    As an amateur radio operator, I took and passed the Morse Code test (no longer required) seven years ago, and never used it since. This is a great way to brush up, or to even maintain your CW skills. Thanks!

  22. flip says:

    boring i dont know what it does

  23. brandi says:

    how boring

  24. Bob says:

    This is really fun

  25. xjimi says:

    where would I get a M C Key ?

  26. bandihobyradio says:

    good for practice…

  27. MysteryAuthor says:

    Good fun and good practice at any age.

  28. #SWAG says:

    This is C.O.O.L. FOREVER

  29. YoloSwagger says:

    I got an A= on my Ham code test with this!

  30. Star says:

    A great idea for improvement!!!

  31. Titanic Belfast says:

    Very good!

  32. former ham says:

    Great for building up my code speed. Wish it would go faster.

  33. Pazpaz says:

    Wish I could download it.

  34. choochoo says:

    Fantastic for building up my receive speed. Recomended highly!

  35. Galileo says:

    Great practise tool!

  36. ugibar says:

    very good for learning morse for ham radio.

  37. sorefinger says:

    I like this, great for beginners

  38. hellokitty123 says:

    this is so cool love it

  39. soft touch says:

    this is good practice for the beginner.

  40. dragon food™ says:

    I have a wakie takie with morse code

  41. Daniel says:

    The “O” is supposed to be three longs not four

  42. Anonymous says:

    o is supposed to be 3 longs

  43. lightskin says:

    This is so boring

  44. Sandman says:

    Great Practice for the Ham code test.

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