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Morse Code Machine

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  1. It is an unique way for communication. me and my friends love to tap it put to each other!

  2. does not run on windows 8.1

  3. Many years ago I was able to do 22 wpm. Been out of it for years. I’m using this machine to build my recognition back to where I can make CW contacts again. I love it. It’s working great. Only downside is that it doesn’t work on my phone. That would be awesome to be able to work with it everywhere.

  4. This is very helpful

  5. I took an old mouse and wired my key to the left button in the mouse and plugged it in to my mouse port with the arrow over the transmit key icon I am able to use my real key to practice with. this is an awesome tool.

  6. I am a ham and I use this program for practice and I find this to be an excellent tool.

  7. Wow it’s kind of hard and confusing but I love it the BEST!!!!!!!

  8. The font is confusing.

    • agreed! I confuse the zero and ‘O’, as well as the V and Y. But apart from that, it’s been a great learning tool. (Though I’ll probably expect to hear the bell ring every time i get a letter right in future!)

  9. This game is awesome!!!

  10. Great game

  11. I’m in Scouts.

  12. Muy entreteniddo

  13. i nd codes


  15. This game is good for peopples brians and it is really good. Ilike it

  16. Ed Van Halen // December 13, 2014 at 9:57 am // Reply

    I was surprised how quick it was to pick up

  17. epic

  18. good

  19. good

  20. Teach me how to do this

  21. Good

  22. I was playing it and I found it prity tricky but I was able to do it in the end.

  23. Test

  24. cannot get the machine to come up on my computer now… use to all the time

  25. letter O (as in Oscar) and number 0 (Zero) look almost identical or my eyes are going bad…

  26. Sorry guys it does not work on my phone.

  27. lets do this

  28. Sucks because it is not pulling up on my phone

  29. Wish I could connect my straight key to transmit.

  30. Peter Piper picked a patch if pickled peppers.

  31. i love this!
    Great learning tool.
    Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Guess it won’t work on iPad since it is flash.

  33. The Morse Code Machine is very nice, I love it.

    73 TO ALL

  35. like it a lot

  36. Good Machine

  37. too slow! Needs a speed control sound needs to be a bit Higher piched

  38. this looks like a pretty promising idea

  39. Thanks! The only thing that I wish this had was a place to type in words or sentences to hear them play on the machine. But this is a great resource and I appreciate it.


  41. Very helpful. Wish it were faster or had speed control.

  42. it was not showing up and I am mad

  43. Great Resource, Thank you for providing this

  44. i love youuuuuuu

  45. what is it called

  46. its different

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