Comments about “Multi-code Machine”

  1. pack771 says:


  2. djw says:

    i like semophore it is the best!
    i also like the maritime flags:-)

  3. Bob says:

    I like the flags the best :)

  4. spike says:

    Great for printing out messages for the cubs

  5. MarioLuigiHWR says:

    I learned them all! :) BTW: How the heck do you put symbols on it?

  6. gone fish n' says:

    Ithink the morse code is AWESOME!

  7. MVSR says:

    This is a great game to teach us scouts about different signs and codes.

  8. super z says:

    there used to be another 2 of these spesficly for morse code.

  9. all u do says:

    This game is great i love it i said my name and it was cool in flags thanks again

  10. crash says:

    great! i love it!

  11. AwsomeScout says:


  12. wacky says:

    so terrible and boring i thought it was some game

  13. Pack890 says:

    It doesn’t have enough writing space.

  14. giant gamer 2000 says:

    ok i guess

  15. Rabbid says:

    Mr. Benedict of the Mysterious Benedict Society’s first name is
    N I C H O L A S.

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