Comments about “Pee Wee’s Pea Shooter”

  1. moo moo says:

    I got 4,000!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. motorbug says:

    I don’t like this game. I hit every target but it counted some as misses.

  3. lee says:

    new high score.all right

  4. The pro shooter says:

    It was ok but I got 98756

  5. Annonymous says:

    Score 15600
    hits 200

  6. bagel says:

    hey lego star wars master i beat that game in
    2 days what did you beat it in

  7. cooldude says:

    very fun and exciting!

  8. lee says:

    I love this.I got 6970!!!!!!!!! that game was awsome

  9. rryze says:

    way to easy

  10. TRIUMPHANT RED says:

    Coooool! (grin)

  11. chucky the chipmunk says:

    This game is FUN!

  12. pea shooter GOD says:

    points 14403
    hits 207

  13. guy says:

    I aim for the blue ones when they pop up.

  14. MiiMan says:

    I GOT 9,740 POINTS! HA HA!

  15. Hotrod says:

    EASY! :)

  16. ty says:

    awsome that was so totaly wicked.

  17. word says:

    my highest is

  18. meheala says:

    i got 375 hits! lol this is cool

  19. pete says:

    it is awsome but kind of hard if you get to the end

  20. jeb says:

    I got 7290. Bat that!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. im in the lego starwars game says:

    i got 1 minikit left to get bought everything and i only
    need to beet the touch screen minygame

  22. jester says:

    it is awesome very cool

  23. dan says:


  24. T155boyscout says:

    This Game is good for the youngsters. Trust me I know what they act like I am a Den Cheif

  25. chopper says:

    good game but hard. i think its realy cool!!!

  26. mastermind99 says:

    I really like this game because you have to be quick and accuate at the same time and there is 3 levels so you can rack up as many points and hits and you know what is the BEST??? Being able to write a long comment!!

  27. Samurai says:

    Over 15,000pointsQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. bird brain says:

    it is the best

  29. ? says:

    To bug,

    I got 8220! Hah!

  30. Samurai says:

    Points: 12830
    Hits: 178

  31. high scorer this time says:

    i got 8730 points. playing again helps

  32. low scorer says:

    i got 6000 points. great low score

  33. BlueLighteningDude says:

    Score: 14100!!! YAY!

  34. Jman says:

    My score was: 11950
    Hits: 185

  35. poco says:

    I’m 83% done with lego star wars the saga how do you beat it?

  36. coco says:

    hay lego star wars master. I’m stuk on level 5. I ceep geting blasted!! What do i do?!?

  37. Bernardo (Troop 25) says:

    My Record:

    Score: 8700
    Hits: 162

  38. well says:

    why does it have only 3 levels

  39. Dr. Inferno says:

    I am the king!

  40. The Joker says:

    Its alright

  41. Glak says:

    Score: 8620

  42. 1coco says:

    Ya I like it.

  43. J Dabe Gabe. says:


    A new game! all it has had is reviews.

  44. Anonymous says:

    this a dumb game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Bug says:

    I GOT 7,680 POINTS.

  46. Oasis245 says:

    Cool game. I like being among the first to write a comment so since it is a special occasion I think I feel like writing a rather long one but if I wrote a long one it might take up to much room but I still want to do so even though it would take up alot of room but why would I care that it would take up alot of room you might ask. Well that is a very good question indeed. So in that case I belive that I might actualy want to write a long comment so I belive I will begin…

  47. Lego Star Wars Master says:

    that was fun! YAY! I’m first!
    Need help with Lego Star Wars? I’ll help you!

  48. MO'Steel says:

    I like it alot!!!!!!!!!!!

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