Comments about “Pee Wee’s Pea Shooter”

  1. steve says:


  2. cjmandjay says:

    fun wast of time

  3. Steven S. Wallace says:


  4. wm says:

    3380 points

  5. kayla says:

    my tiny hits was 6723

  6. boyslifeguy says:

    3160 including tiny targets 110 hits

  7. kickme says:

    90004 is easy

  8. nerds900 says:

    awsome game

  9. coolcj says:


  10. ahgoh says:

    11440 points

  11. that guy says:

    la la la la la its so easy and time consuming

  12. awsome says:

    6600 is easy

  13. jayman says:

    10000 points so easy

  14. Riptide says:

    5530 points WHOOOOOO!

  15. buba says:

    9090 easy

  16. Goku says:

    I dont like it! its so hard!!!

  17. luc says:

    fun game

  18. I. M. A. Nerd says:

    This game’s the hardest of all games


    WHOO HOO!- 10650 :) :P :D :lol:

  20. cool guy 101 says:

    very cool i love pee wee harris

  21. easygaim says: says:

    300 total score no miss

  22. a dude says:

    i play roblox and its nothing compared to this

  23. AW3SOM3 says:

    8880 exactly, 153 hits.

  24. kayla says:

    so i hit all.

  25. thunder says:

    Hit every single one first time through.

  26. Candyman says:

    absalutely no misses at all

  27. Gabe says:

    That was fun and easy

  28. me says:

    lame, beat it in 2 miniutes first try

  29. leman says:

    easiest game on this site

  30. t says:

    2/5 boring, if it where not a free game, i would not be playing it, but i have played worse , like wight water rafting.

  31. raposa24 says:

    Rube’s Robot Repair: very cool music.

  32. boy scout says:


  33. chicagobull23 says:

    23488571 points
    291 hits
    0 miss jk

    6810 points
    163 hits
    1 miss

  34. eth234 says:

    it was pretty easy, first time 91 hits and 2540 pts

  35. awsome says:

    this is taking forever

  36. addison says:

    all hits no misses

  37. mr lego says:

    hits:153 score:5,420

  38. epicloser says:


  39. Dominic says:

    9020pts. 158hits

  40. kenyo4 says:

    its hard…

  41. kenyo4 says:

    just like plants vs zombies. A peashooter

  42. jonjon says:

    how did you get so many

  43. pack399 says:

    i got 55624362 points,123 hits

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