Comments about “Pee Wee’s Pea Shooter”

  1. Norm says:

    Nice, but not my favorite. :()

  2. squirel says:

    it is a pretty good game

  3. ney says:

    EZ 1000000 flat

  4. cmb says:

    amsome fun i got 50 thousand points

  5. BIRDY! says:

    i like the game i know how to play it.
    i got the score of 2000

    COOL MUSIC!!!!


  6. birdy says:

    I don’t get it

  7. Abaziky says:

    My score was just above 1000. That was bad.

  8. sciencedude says:

    so so

  9. Abaziky says:

    Too bad there aren’t any power-ups in this game….

  10. Golden Boy says:

    not that fun :evil: :mad: :(

  11. Goob says:

    Easy game, but still fun.

  12. pee wee says:

    it’s kinda hard

  13. lucky says:

    it is a fun game.i in jode it alot.

  14. THE BOSS says:

    this is the most fun i’ve had in my whole entire life

  15. SCOUT-X says:

    My score is 66960!!

  16. Fidget says:

    well, it was OK i guess, but the targets disapear 2 fast.

  17. revrev 769 says:

    i don’t like it thst much

  18. mytho says:

    i really like this game

  19. Plant 51 says:

    This game is to easy to beat

  20. Goob says:

    I beet all three levels, no sweat

  21. pea shooter says:

    it’s fun and tough you have to have a quick mouse or hand

  22. Z man says:

    it is ok

  23. blboy says:

    B.L., every game you create is great. Take my word for it. I LOVE ‘EM ALL!

  24. wolf972 says:

    very cool! phenomenal!

  25. quboy123456789 says:

    got 47211 points… sorry stecool

  26. mega-man 479 says:

    i agree with dillster23451… sorry, bl

  27. ben10 says:

    it’s cool score;10000

  28. dilster23451 says:

    no offince bl but that game was bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. stecool says:

    can anyone beat my score of 47210?

  30. evan says:

    O.K. that was very very weird

  31. rewqas says:

    I think the game was fun beacuse it was hard and I like hard

  32. advanced15 says:

    its really incredibly awesome!

  33. camoboy says:

    very awesome! Loved the Levels!

  34. hi says:

    99087 points can any one beat me

  35. Matheto says:

    You won’t get me down now.

  36. Twig says:

    I agree with Squire

  37. David10Man says:

    It is very hard.

  38. mai says:

    This game was very hard and trasfull.But very fun.

  39. whiz kid says:

    I think it is fun because you get a steady arm and a good eye.

  40. transfreak007 says:

    AWESOm :)

  41. Lance333999 says:

    It’s so easy like A B C !!!!!!

  42. Tony10118 says:

    Awesome game. The last level is a little hard though.

  43. Squire says:

    zzzzz…Too easy

  44. huntbunt says:

    i got 100,000

  45. uff erik says:

    its ok

  46. huntbunt says:

    i think it is fun

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