Comments about “Pee Wee’s Pea Shooter”

  1. bswinner says:

    i got 20,456

  2. rocky says:

    it is not that fun

  3. bighunter says:

    This game rocks

  4. 3dleykk40 says:

    its da best

  5. frong man says:

    i got 1.234

  6. n1gamer says:

    this game is lame

  7. dakoby says:

    it was cool

  8. jedi55555 says:

    i got 10020 point its ok i still like mortal kombat better though

  9. easyman says:

    i played on my psp

  10. ty says:

    i got 9billion

  11. Dofas says:

    It is a wierd game.

  12. scream345 says:

    i got 9756, it was ok

  13. gh says:

    I got 120612!

  14. whatson says:

    this was probably the most boring thing ever. I wasted 5 minutes of my life and i want them back!!!!!

  15. jonndndj says:

    i give 1 *

  16. rasher says:

    really fun, kinda fun, its ok, kinda lame, lame

  17. cheeseKing says:

    I got 19456!But the game is lame!

  18. the killier says:

    1million beat that

  19. i rock says:

    this game is lame

  20. i rock says:

    it is a veary good game.try it for your self

  21. da bomb says:

    11810 FUN!

  22. Rambo says:

    this is really fun

  23. bighunter says:

    I like Pee Wee’s Pea Shooter game

  24. BEAST says:

    9850 pretty fun

  25. SIMPSON MAN says:

    179 hits 14350 points

  26. love AW says:

    Fun and cool

  27. Gunmaster says:

    My score was 6850. Is that a bad score?

  28. Anonymous jr. says:

    I got 171 hits and my score was 8950!
    Is that a bad score?

  29. Homer says:

    2760, hit 119, missed 93

  30. black fox says:

    i think its cool and fun.

  31. c+ says:

    I only got 162. Sad huh!

  32. capt.bradirt says:

    it’s a very very very fun and easy game.

  33. camoboy says:

    I got 10590! 180 hits! Awesome game!

  34. Clapper says:

    Um. Tad boring..

  35. johnboy says:

    great game

  36. coolcat says:

    really boring

  37. jj says:

    this game is lame

  38. baller 8 says:

    its pretty fun but kind of boring

  39. skater613 says:

    my score was: 10810m and hits 188 i no bad score its a hard game

  40. skater613 says:

    it was easy at first, then it got really hard at the second and third places

  41. eaglescout90 says:

    kind of boring

  42. lolololol says:

    is it really that fun this is my first time playin

  43. kraken says:

    amazing really fun

  44. salmon26 says:

    it is extremely well done

  45. Bornc says:

    It was pretty challenging because I did not have an actual mouse. I only had a key pad. So, under the conditions, I think I did pretty well.

  46. Leaping Fox says:

    Great Game!! Lot’s of Fun!!

  47. HardBall says:

    I got 8660, Notvary fun

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