Comments about “Pee Wee’s Pea Shooter”

  1. aj says:

    i hit all of them

  2. ha says:

    200 hits!

  3. Gecko says:

    Grand Score: 13730

    Hits: 177

    Misses: 22

  4. spillz says:


  5. What r we talking about says:

    to easy except for last level i missed like 10

    i scored 12100

  6. super shooter says:

    score 6900

    hits 139

    misses 28

  7. ??? says:

    i got 10030 NOT HARD

  8. SABERTOOTH says:

    It was great!

  9. k-dog says:

    IT IS EASY!…

  10. Trogdor says:

    kinda cool

  11. Dude says:

    I scored 112869 with 154 hits!

  12. Bobyjoejackson says:

    This Game is WICKID! I always want to play this!

  13. MOOSe says:


  14. rover387 says:

    first go – 175 hits – 12280 points
    not hard

  15. wassup101 says:

    It should have power-ups and more levels

  16. icky234 says:

    i had a score of 10099 with 150 hits

  17. boring game says:

    I did it in 26 seconds and hit all the targets.I think its WAY to easy.

  18. iluvgames says:

    its cool, but ther needs 2 b mor lvs. p.s. its 2 EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Norm says:

    What a shame it’s 2easy….

  20. Norm says:

    1540 :)

  21. GFHHGHJGHJ says:


  22. gamerman says:

    way too easy………what a shame

  23. awesome says:

    This game was awesome. It is so easy, I had a score of 145 hits and a score of 8810. BEAT THAT!!!!!!

  24. ham says:

    it was fun

  25. MKG GHOST says:


  26. frame21 says:

    i love it

  27. super gamer says:

    I nearly hit all the targets i think!

  28. boomer says:

    come on its to easy

  29. Legend says:

    it is not that good

  30. ty5 flies high says:

    verry odd. it is kindof weird it was fun. my sis. enjoyed watching me

  31. bringit says:

    Level 3 dnt give u enough time

  32. little speed races says:

    i had a lot of fun playing the game

  33. tzb5 fly says:

    it was wierd but fun.

  34. Team Dim Sun says:

    Easy but there should be power-ups like big shooter, rapid fire, freeze targets and there should even have more lv.s

  35. dusty says: says:

    this was to hard to get past level threee

  36. wowman says:

    i dont like it dude it was hard for me to beat it was to complicating

  37. Troop 364 says: says:

    It is too hard for me to aim at the blue targets on Lv. three because it’s too fast and it made me miss all the other ones.

  38. game beater says:

    i finished it in under 30 seconds

  39. Bostonl1 says:


  40. pokeman says:

    I would like it, but it has too little levels.

  41. big block says:

    that was the best game ever

  42. hard says:

    too hard

  43. dusty says:

    I think it is a great game.

  44. gatorzrule says:

    its great

  45. wowman says:

    i dont like it…

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