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Merit Badge Quest

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  1. Hey, Da Boss, what is the code for the last level anyway?

  2. I agree with #269 & #266. This game needs a map.

  3. I lost on Level 15 with 2046 points!

  4. The Code to level 6 is patrol.

  5. A fun game

  6. 1243 portugal // December 2, 2007 at 5:35 pm // Reply

    this game is awsome very coolsome levels are very hard but no stress

  7. I got to level 9 with 1172 pts. A map would be much appretiated .

  8. THIS GAME STINKS!! 😦 👿 😦 :evil

  9. I got to level 12 and lost. Then I guessed the code to the last level and I was right. You need to make the code not so odvious

  10. level 7 stinks i need a map

  11. It is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Extreme Rapper // November 19, 2007 at 7:55 pm // Reply

    gets a little ez

  13. I got lost with 658 points on level 7.

    Seems like everyone does!!!!

    I agree, they should have a map in the corner!!!!!!!

    At least to where you are to the scoutmaster!!!!!!!!!!1

    Otherwise, it’s all right.

  14. For past level 7, the code is tinder, and a hint is dont touch the switch.

  15. I got in the 6 or 7 hundreds. what’s the code for level6?

  16. This is the funnest game on boys life

  17. I think there should be a map on the corner of the screen dudes!Oh I got stuck at Lv7 and my score was 879 dudes!


  19. i got to 1026

  20. awesome game

  21. harry potter // October 24, 2007 at 11:13 am // Reply

    I think that they should have a map in the corner.

  22. how do get past LV 7

  23. I got to level 12

  24. HPis right, but it’s really boring.

  25. This gane is awsome. I play all the time. have you guys tryed Merit badge Challenge?

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