Comments about “Merit Badge Quest”

  1. KRACKER says:


  2. The Rocket says:

    OK but kind of boring

  3. Milkshake says:

    joebob is right

  4. J says:

    *snore* huh

  5. tiger says:

    agree with ‘joe bob’

  6. joe bob says:

    hard and fun

  7. cool man says:

    Too easy and pointless

  8. g12133 says:

    what about the buddy system???

  9. yoko says:

    this is soooo bring

  10. yo-yo says:

    boring,I have played gamecube games that r bettr than this

  11. shadow99 says:

    super boring. the music is bad and i feel no real sense of achieval. all you do is run around! the instant i got to level 2 i felt serious brain drain

  12. mario says:

    this game is awfull!

  13. awsome 99 says:


  14. dude says:

    how do you get past level 15
    word is eagle

  15. nook book says:

    how many levils are there

  16. wai?1523 says:

    easy. i got to lvl 13 a bit boring needs better graphics

  17. skylander ruler says:

    level eleven code:rope

  18. skylander ruler says:

    level 10 code: helpful

  19. skylander ruler says:

    the code for level six is patrol

  20. cool guy says:

    where is the last key on level 4?

  21. maxxxxxxx says:


  22. purple bird says:

    is it just me or does it just show a scout and green when you press play?

  23. octrigs says:

    level 11 code is rope

  24. dragon says:

    level 10 code is helpful

  25. the target says:

    I made it to level 9. the code for level 9 is “camp “.

  26. tornado says:

    you like it at first but after a few minutes it gets boring

  27. joeboy says:

    Boring Boring

  28. me says:

    i got 930 not sure what level i got but got stamps

  29. Someone says:

    The controls are garbage compared to other games on this site.

  30. girlsloveboyslifetoo says:

    level 6 was hard

  31. rocker says:

    awesome but needs better graphics

  32. ipad says:

    Does not work on tablet

  33. bug says:

    I made it to level 8!!!!!!!!!

  34. ghhov344 says:

    level 2 was hard

  35. Padyy says:

    I would like to see better graphics.

  36. the hiking scout says:

    it is so awsome it is even better then eagle scout pinball

  37. a girl says:

    finished game, easy, boring!!!!!

  38. Geek101 says:

    I only made it to level 7

  39. john117 says:

    level 5 was hard, i passed the level. Only 25 seconds left

  40. game master says:

    the game freezes when i try to play it

  41. Scout says:

    I thought it went on for all 128 merit badges. It ends up, there is only fifteen merit badges. If you get to level 15 (Eagle, Insect Study) that is the last level.

  42. therohacles0s says:

    some cheats are uniform level 5

    patrol level 6

    salute level 7

    tinder level 8

    camp level 9

    helpful level 10

    rope level 11

  43. therohacles0s says:

    uniform is a cheat

  44. cool kid 72 says:

    start code:eagle starts you out on levle 15 try it dj it mite not freaz up

  45. tellamon says:


  46. Bowser Jr.&Sprinter says:

    me complete game.

  47. DJ says:

    fun game though

  48. DJ says:

    it keeps freezing up after I complete lvl 2

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