Comments about “Merit Badge Quest”

  1. deerslayer says:

    mine wont show up

  2. pokemon man says:

    aseome game!

  3. Pizza says:

    I love it

  4. danny123456789 says:

    it dose not work on mine ethier

  5. Jrobnohackersallowed says:


  6. Darth Bob says:

    It worked before. But now it won’t!! :( !!

  7. patoster says:

    mine stays blank.

  8. bubua says:

    this is awsome

  9. Robin Hood says:

    It just stays blank on my screen…

  10. mr. burrito says:

    it would probably be awesome if i could get it to work

  11. Anonymous says:

    mine either

  12. robert1996 says:

    any one know how to get it to work

  13. macedadon says:

    i no bro

  14. shadow says:

    Merit badge quest is so awesome.

  15. New Life says:

    type honor

  16. fire says:

    this is fun

  17. Chris 101 says:

    I got a score of 656 points.

  18. meritbadge man 4793 says:

    This is the best game of all it is really fun.

  19. mich says:

    level 99 1023 points!

  20. Nature Boy says:

    talk about lost

  21. bb says:

    999,999,999 points

  22. lazerdude says:

    a cheat code is badge. it takes you to level 12

  23. pem says:

    how do you get in to the box the tres are bloking me.

  24. bren31 says:

    to boon boy and girl scout you click on the mouse and move it at the same time.

  25. shadowdweller says:

    no hat!use the full uniform and there are arrow keys on the conpurer fora reason!!!

  26. sillyboy765 says:

    You know, the scout is getting a lot of exercise running BACK AND FORTH AND BACK AND FORTH, good for the Personal Fitness merit badge
    P.S.-This game is not fun, with its going back and forth and hurting your finger to CONSTANTLY make the scout run
    P.P.S.-Did the scout lose all of his merit badges?

  27. smack says:

    uniform is a start code

  28. funguy says:

    I cant find the hiking bage

  29. oooboy32444 says:

    Difficult sometimes but fun

  30. txt dude says:

    some parts hard but all parts fun

  31. peach says:

    no it is 21133

  32. sfline says:

    Good game.

  33. Riddler 2010 says:

    I got to level 10 with score 1102!

  34. daily month says:

    this is wierd it looks like the boys uniform is glued to his body

  35. Ash says:

    How do you get in the game

  36. pojo says:


  37. Cool Dude says:

    HARD! level 98

  38. Yoshi Dude says:

    How in the world do you move?!

  39. Anonymous says:

    level 99!

  40. 101 says:

    this is easy.i got 999,999,999

  41. joejoeman says:

    i do not like this game

  42. tootoo says:


  43. sahil says:

    It’s good.

  44. g man says:

    it’s a bit tricky at some points but it’s worth it

  45. donald says:

    level 22

  46. BASS says:

    It’s all right.

  47. awesome says:


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