Comments about “Chow Line Frenzy!”

  1. thedude says:

    this is easy!

  2. BobbyD1120 says:

    very adicting! i love it!

  3. Cyberboy says:

    How do you play this game?

  4. Wingo says:

    This game RULES!

  5. KARATE KID says:

    gam’s horrible,


  6. halloweengirl says:

    really Hard.

  7. zman says:

    i didn’t get past level 1.Just kidding I realy made it to level 5 =)

  8. James says:

    This game is so cool! I made it to level nine!

  9. s money says:

    this game is not working

  10. sk8ter/gamer says:

    i got to level 18 i would have gotten farther but i had to go

  11. hack says:

    It is a great game

  12. superman says:

    this game is bad

  13. G-man says:

    This game is fun! I like it.

  14. coolawsomeguy says:

    man,these guys are HUNGRY!!!

  15. Pkmn JT says:

    Lucky! Ionly got to level 3!

  16. jackson says:

    Igot to level 5!!

  17. blondie says:

    i cannot get past level 1. what am i doing wrong

  18. Eagleman says:

    To easy, I beat it on my first try.

  19. madison says:

    i got to level four!!!

  20. Scrdude21 says:

    this game is rockin cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  21. legoman says:


  22. kawasaki says:

    I don’t get it.

  23. This is my nickname! says:

    It’s like a cheaper version of another game I’ve played. It’s good but I hate how you have to drag everything and you can only fit a limited amount of food on the counter and grill.
    (=’.’=) <–Bunny!
    (") (")

  24. personman says:

    it is hard and i like challengeing things

  25. Mary Margret says:

    This game rocks,its awsome.

  26. awsome man says:

    game is very hard 16

  27. snow shoe tron 2000 says:

    got to 93$

  28. THX 1138 (jonbuddy) says:

    It makes me angry because the burgers take too long to cook. :( >:(

  29. ez come ez go says:

    hard only got to level 3

  30. snow shoe tron 2000 says:

    only $43.00:-(

  31. yankee says:

    Very fun!!

  32. coolman says:

    Fun Very Very Fun

  33. Moose jr says:

    Thes game is hard

  34. mohammed says:

    level 50 deafeat that

  35. wiiman says:

    This game rocks.

  36. CHELEMAN says:

    $186. beat it :)

  37. CHELEMAN says:

    This made me hungry…

  38. random man says:

    Lev. 29.BEAT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. fish says:

    fun fun fun fun!!!

  40. THX 1138 (jonbuddy) says:

    I lost with $186 on Level 9. :(

  41. Iceman says:

    It is easy.

  42. Potato says:

    I like this kind of game!

  43. J Boy says:

    kinda hard. how do you meke them riot?

  44. 5811104 says:

    it is hard

  45. quarter(courtney) says:

    it’s just like at the Webkinz employment office!!!!!:)

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