Comments about “Chow Line Frenzy!”

  1. hippy156 says:

    easy and great

  2. The Rocket's sister says:

    this is hard

  3. The Rocket's sister says:

    i do not like it

  4. The Rocket's sister says:

    i made it to the 3th level

  5. Dream maker says:

    Pretty good game:)

  6. Awesomedude12345 says:

    This is HARD!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. yodaoy says:

    good game.

  8. GS says:

    this game is great!;)

  9. thump says:

    I love this games

  10. firstyear1 says:


  11. rlbcoolio says:

    I only got to level 4 with 42$. I totally agree with sissyboy. They should make it so you can upgrade appliances.

  12. sissyboy says:

    i wish you could grill 2 things at a time

  13. fsdafda says:

    a bit hard but fun

  14. tib says:

    i like it and it is fun.

  15. flame says:

    i agree with Chaos-we need mor time stil iz a nise game it iz stil da bezt game i ges.

  16. gogo 123 says:

    I like it!!!!!!

  17. SWEETPEA says:

    I like it!!!!

  18. number 50 says:


  19. 3650 says:

    FUNER THEN FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. ????? says:

    super superman is right

  21. fasy says:

    there realy is this game on webkinz

  22. webelosSDF10 says:

    Only got to lv.5 w/ $94

  23. animorph465 says:

    level 14

  24. iceguy says:

    level 18. I stopped because it got boring.

  25. BoysLife_Girl says:

    There is a game exactly like this on Webkiz!!!!

  26. braden says:

    it is cool so i love it so so so so so so so MUCH

  27. joker says:


  28. hungryjoe says:

    i lovee the game and i found the xbox sign.

  29. kay says:

    love it it is awsam.

  30. SUPER SUPERMAN says:


  31. IM AWESOME says:


  32. fang says:

    iT’S SO COOL!

  33. The rocket says:

    Level 3!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. yulo100 says:

    my comment about chow line frenzy is it really hurrires on you.and I got to level 5,with 76 dollers.

  35. THUNDER FIST says:

    Why are there SO MANY LINES!!!!!!!!!

  36. 39 says:

    this games is awesome

  37. Chaos says:

    they should give you more time

  38. Ajay says:

    Igot to level 18 with $623. I can’t believe I got that far!

  39. saad says:

    nice game dud

  40. sico c768 says:


  41. chunkey monkey says:

    I got to levle 5.

  42. pedrofan says:

    i got to level 8 this game is plain out awesome

  43. Doughnuts R GOOD says:

    hey i love this game

  44. vince says:

    this game stinks

  45. chudlyman54 says:

    The guy ordered “bun, tomato, burger, cheese, bacon, cheese, letuce, burger, bun.” That kid is a pig!:D

  46. monkey says:

    These people are starving….and rude.

  47. chudlyman54 says:


  48. jrod says:

    i lov this games

  49. Chace says:

    I made it to level 8!It was awesome.

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