Comments about “Chow Line Frenzy!”

  1. unsuperwoman says:

    YAY :)

  2. web says:

    so boring

  3. horseGal says:

    so this game is really fun but kinda hard…..I mean, in real life no-one cares what order the people put stuff on it! wow…this people on the game get really mad really fast. It takes a little time to cook bacon and hamburgers!

  4. dude says:

    worst game ever

  5. Coolkid says:

    I got to level 10!

  6. jc says:

    I got to level 9 With 163$

  7. ATEEN45 says:

    SO FUN!!! :):):):):):)

  8. FireBall Speedster2 says:

    Made it to level 7 with one hundred twenty seven dollars.

  9. eragon 1210 says:


  10. Rome rules says:

    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! its fun

  11. MOONMAN200 says:


  12. jaxrox says:

    so tired of moving around with the mouse give up

  13. bobler says:

    got to level 4 !!!!!

  14. arceus says:

    this game makes me hungry

  15. boy127 says:

    level 5!!
    it cool

  16. dudeman 48 says:

    pretty hard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. WOW says:


  18. Turbo Tank says:

    kinda bores me

  19. NATIONAL GUARD says:

    i wonder how many levels does it have……

  20. AIR FORCE says:

    they should make more chow line frizzies……

  21. AIR FORCE says:

    I love this game it’s awsome.Plus you can learn to cook…….

  22. Cadette900 says:

    Best game ever
    And exactly how many levels does it have?

  23. roy rogers fan! says:

    i really like it too. :)

  24. youtube boy says:

    love this game! rated it exellent

  25. saddleclub rocks! girl says:

    good game! i like them with a challenge.

  26. Chase C. says:

    this is hard

  27. jt says:

    SO HARD ON LEVEL 3!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. starwars says:


  29. Peril Man says:

    so hard! Can’t the customers wait a few seconds?!?

  30. Monkey says:

    Its easy at the beginning, but then it gets hard after a while.

  31. sun shine says:

    rely hard but fun!!!

  32. ultrasonic2000 says:

    how do u get the bottom bun?

  33. Percy Jackson says:

    Level 6 ,$100. Why can’t the people wait 5 seconds?

  34. spongebob says:

    I made it to level6 with 91$

  35. penut butter says:

    Im not very good at it

  36. dirtman says:

    this game is bad i cant even put burned bacon on a sandwich

  37. master of sewage says:

    level 3×7!

  38. master of sewage says:

    i master this game like i master sewage!!!!

  39. bowser pq ak-47 says:

    this game is boring!

  40. Zacky says:

    level 40 3,564

  41. Anna says:

    I NEVER get THAT angry when MY burger is late (well, maybe ;)

  42. Hay says:

    Level 42 with $3,126

  43. pizza says:

    i hate this game!!!!!

  44. yay man says:

    its okay

  45. Justin Bieber says:

    mine keeps flashing it gets very annoying

  46. Ev2 says:

    level 20 with 758$

  47. greek geek says:

    you spend all of your time trying to keep customers happy, then you get in a rush too serve everybody.

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