Comments about “Chow Line Frenzy!”

  1. JIG3000 says:

    LEVEL 8 :)

  2. Daddy says:

    we are awsome!

  3. josh says:

    it’s hard to not over cook it

  4. jedi101 says:

    Got To Level 3 whew! hard work

  5. eric is a cool man says:

    Levle one and I,m…DEAD!

  6. shadow warrior says:

    Its awsome

  7. Rex 53049 says:

    It makes me hungrey

  8. I did beat that says:

    got to level 21

  9. Beat this! says:

    500 LV 16

  10. 2cool4u says:

    I got to level 17. In your face! I’d like to see someone else beat that!

  11. tha last one says:

    $3o1 on level 12

  12. money55 says:

    210 bucks on level 10

  13. MarineCorps101 says:

    FUN F-U-N FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. hedley1243 says:

    $78 buks on lv.5 i rule!!! :)

  15. big D says:

    Tricky. But fun. And adicting.

  16. scrible mario says:

    they get way to angry and are very rude costumers

  17. Zoroark the Epic says:

    I hate this game.

  18. bsa149 says:

    70 dollars at level 5 kinda hard!

  19. helper says:

    how do you make a sandwhich }:(

  20. ItsGrantly says:

    fun awesome

  21. Stormfront says:

    Level 7 with $119.

  22. dan de man says:

    you should be able to buy upgrades

  23. Anonymous says:

    i got to level 6

  24. nicked12 says:

    lvl 4

  25. tech n9ne says:

    i just got to level 3

  26. rockstar says:


  27. 2cool4u says:

    I got to level 13 with $310 bucks! Beat that! The only person who beat that was “yayay” who got to level 17. i will beat that level tomorrow when i have more time. oh and by the way you can cook four things on that tiny grill at one time.

  28. comet101 says:

    I got to level 12 with $275! This game is awesome!

  29. Sparrow says:

    This game is pretty tricky!

  30. joey says:

    it would be better if you can serve 4 at a time

  31. fridayguy1 says:

    It is so cool!I got to level8 with $152.But when I was playingIt was game over.

  32. serp101 says:

    Level 9 with 192! Beat that

  33. teeto301 says:

    I got to level 10 with $208!

  34. dude says:

    you can have two things at a time on your grill

  35. sonic says:

    don’t like it

  36. ace500 says:

    it s ok

  37. yayay says:

    Alright i got to leval 17!!!!!!

  38. fenra says:

    it would be better if you could have a realistic grill that could fit more things on it instead of just one thing at a time

    • I dont know says:

      you can fit more than one thing at a time, just dont put things in the middle of the grill.

  39. bob148 says:

    got to level 3

  40. weevil03 says:

    i got to level 3

  41. bug says:

    i made it to level 5!!!

  42. Padyy says:

    So fun!!!!! I got $27!!!!!

  43. Mikman says:

    $155 and target $164. YAH BABY!!!!!!!

  44. beebond says:


  45. eli613 says:

    hard $-7

  46. booya21 says:


  47. unkownperson23 says:

    how do you make the burgers?

  48. Boy im awesome says:

    I got to level 5

  49. I dont know says:

    $256!! fun game

  50. BSA2124 says:

    $74 baby! wish you could make more than one burger at a time.

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