Comments about “Chow Line Frenzy!”

  1. Britt says:

    I got $252

  2. LOL says:

    I LOVE this game! :>

  3. cheesebuger123 says:

    i got bored at level 5

  4. joman says:

    119 dollars

  5. says:

    not great

  6. peewee says:


  7. dij says:

    I get your point jkl

  8. The super epic person says:

    Its a cool game but the stuff they order is kinda weird i mean who would order a sandwich with a piece of lettuce, a tomato and another piece of lettuce

  9. turkey says:

    got past level 20.
    lost level 21 though. :-) :-)

  10. smilesforthree says:

    it makes me hungry

  11. tony hawk fan says:


  12. djm says:

    i want food

  13. Anonymous says:

    Got 2 the last level made 4738$ Level 25

  14. K.k says:

    I love this game it is awesome but it kind of hard when you get to level 5

  15. z boy says:

    made it to 173 dollars and made it to level 9 without losing.

  16. ryan says:

    soooo easy

  17. Mike says:

    I agree with you Cool

  18. sister says:

    this game is cool

  19. sister says:

    i love this game it is awuesome

  20. z boy says:

    pretty easy

  21. bob says:

    i GOT level 18

  22. monsterman says:

    fun game is hard to.

  23. MediocreKitty59 says:

    when they get mad faces it really stresses me out

  24. cool guy says:

    this game is kind of hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. mike says:

    i agree with cool

  26. ROOT says:

    I got to level 9

  27. Beach Brunette says:

    I finally got the hang of it! More or less…..

  28. jgs girlly says:

    i love chow!

  29. whatupdog says:

    too many people to feed

  30. jkkl says:

    level 11 easy

  31. ROOT says:

    THAT GAME IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Cool says:

    this game is fun but hard.
    it gets really annoyiing when they get mad faces!

  33. Razer Blade says:

    I got to level 8!!!!

  34. nann says:

    i <3 this game it is so much fun

  35. ??? says:

    how do you put on the bottom bun!

  36. jkl says:

    fun level 5

  37. supergamerbl12345 says:

    Nice game. I don’t like how when you get food for the sandwich or use the grill you loose money. All part of the game, I guess.

  38. That'sa31899 says:

    Love this game! Gives practice managing more than one thing and planning ahead too.

  39. you hoo says:

    very good game.

  40. uzi ninja says:

    awesome game

  41. Dalton C.P. says:

    I love it!!!

  42. country chick says:

    this game is good but difficult when u get into like level 10

  43. Ash says:

    This is a wow game!

  44. fhfdg says:


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